It’s being reported that at 3.01 AM, Thursday 18 February 2016, Big Ang of Mob Wives has passed. The announcement was made via Angela Raiola’s official Twitter account by close friend, Vinnie Medugno.

The larger than life star of one VH1s most popular reality shows had been battling stage four cancer. Her recent appearance on Couple’s Therapy revealed a softer side to the tough exterior she often times portrayed.

We wish her family, friends and fans all the best and offer condolences and prayers in this difficult time.

#BigAng #MobWives

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Brawl Breaks Out As Fists And Weaves Fly During Filming of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

 2014-07-17 01.57.04

2014 is turning out to be the year of the Reality Show Reunion Brawl. First, Kenya Moore caught the fade of all fades when Porsha Williams dragged her across the stage. Then, the Basketball Wives of L.A. tore the set up on their recap night. And recently, Dr. Simone almost got a backstage check-up from Toya. But the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta brawl had cast members, audience guests, security and producers all caught up in the game. Word on the curb is that after Stevie J. and Benzino got into it, Joseline pulled the ultimate sneak attack shenanigan on Althea. After that everyone got into the act as the foolery spilled over into the audience. A grainy mobile phone video captured some of the highlights, which included Joseline Hernandez accusing the producers of “making this $h!t happen”. No word yet on if the production crew was also responsible for Joseline getting booed off stage a couple of nights ago. We’re told filming did resume Wednesday night with plenty of room between the cast and no audience participation. When it finally airs it will undoubtedly be the highest rated reunion show ever. It could also mean the nail in the coffin for the show… or a pay raise for the main offenders.


This Week on Etc., Etc., Etc. Tanya Young Williams Interviews Basketball Wife Jackie Christie

2014-06-17 01.16.14

Wednesday evenings just keep getting better. Tanya Young Williams’ new Webshow on helps us get over the Hump with fun and engaging interviews. And this week she has the original and last standing L.A. Basketball Wife, Jackie Christie. And by last standing I mean the last with the title wife. Tune in Wednesday at 10:00(EST)/7:00(PST) and catch all the tea and shade plus the deets on Jackie’s new book. Grab some wine or cocktail and enjoy the show!

Love And Hip Hop ATL’s Joseline Has A Few Words for The Haters…

…The problem is, no one can understand her. First things first, I’m all for keeping it real, one hundred, etc., and would never ask anyone to abandon their heritage or roots and ditch their accent. I mean hello, I’m like, totally from Orange County. But I’m tired of having to hit rewind to try to figure out what this one is saying. But actions speak louder than words and this week, Joseline was SCREAMING!

Now, I’m not a hater. And I’m not going to begin to get into the alleged abortion or the tawdriness that is Ms. Hernandez’s working relationship with Stevie JJ. I call him Stevie JJ because he should have been an extra on ‘Good Times’ with that sad, sad pimp act. After watching Joseline dance with her choreographer even the staunchest of haters has to admit that home-girl has talent. And I’m DYING to here that song in its entirety. But I wish she would let her talent speak for her instead of  getting involved in messy situations with Stevie JJ’s Baby Mama, Scrappy Dee’s Baby Mama and anyone else who she thinks may inadvertently send her back to the strip club. And while I love that her tough as nails attitude won’t allow her to sit back and take a drink to the face from her man, a la BBW Jennifer Williams, she should spend more time fighting her way to a speech therapist. Me, I’ll be watching future episodes with a friend who used to work with deaf students… For some reason, she can understand Joseline perfectly!



I’m Ready to be a Basketball Wife…!

There are a new crop of ballers on thereality court. L.A. stepped onto the scene this week with VH1′s premiere of it’s West Coast version of the Basketball Wives. And from the moment the credits ran you knew this was going to be a show! The cast of characters is hot:

The Baby Mammas — Laura and Gloria Govan both of whom have been engaged on and off the last few years and Imani, ex-fiance and mother of three…

The Groupie/Jump-Off — Former topless dancer, Draya ,confesses to dating many a player in the NBA and isn’t ashamed of a damn thing…

The Wives — Jackie, Kimsha and Malaysia… These broads have put in their due and have EARNED the title Basketball Wife. They may not be giving you 28 years-old but any one of ‘em will put you in a cast for 28 days if you step out of line…

The Guru — Now… Something tells me this one won’t last. Tanya, the bougois Maya Angelou of the group… Will there be a future in her frontin’?

This first episode was a hum dinger, y’all… After 40 minutes of ‘getting to know you’, the ladies got it on and crackin’ at lunch.They started in on Malaysia but this Compton born and raised WIFEY shut the haters down quick. Then the conversation turned to Tanya Angelou. The general consensus is…FAKE/CONDESCENDING. As Tanya stumbled to try to explain herself, Big Govan tried to take it back to Malaysia… Mistake! Seeing this as a good opportunity to get out of the line of fire, the Guru busied herself with her cell phone; probably texting a poem or a reminder to pray on something.

Back to Big Govan and Malaysia. Big Govan intimated that Malaysia, AKA Lakeisha, was a rat and called her out on her tooth. Malaysia reminded Big Govan to check her weight. It was on from there! While The Guru sat texting with the occaisonal side-eye to make sure it was no longer about her, Big Govan and Malaysia got physical. Biggie laid her hands on Malaysia, not once, but twice. After shaking her head while taking off her heels, Malaysia pushed her way through Jackie, Kimsha (Guru’s still on that phone) and landed a quick right on Biggies jaw… Home girl may need to fix her own damn teeth after that!


divaD ;-)

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This is what Reality TV is all about. No disrespect to Bravo but the Basketball Wives, bring the heat, fan the flames and will put out the fire with the leftovers of a drink in the face. And the Reunion Episode…? Textbook Reality TV Entertainment, boo-boo! Ochocinco’s future baby-mamma not only called out Trouble-Meeka as “thirsty” for attention but then had the freshman BBW’s jewelry designer escorted off the set for supplying crazy Claxton with bootleg designs. It didn’t end there for Meeks, Tami told her to a) Stay in your lane, b) I gave you a disclosure about puttin’ your hand up and c) called out Speedy Claxton’s Championship ring as the result of a lucky trade. Even Suzy the Snitch got in on the action. Honey, if Meeka was a stripper at club Haterville, the ladies made it rain! Will she be back next season…? Who knows. But if she dares she better take some self defense courses and start carrying mase ’cause her mouth is gonna get her decked… BAM!


divaD 😉

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