Child, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was barely cold when a chorus of nervous conservatives began advocating a block of any potential appointment. Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell immediately came out and said any attempt by President Obama to appoint a nominee should be blocked.

The circumstances surrounding the latest appointment have become highly political. Those on the right argue it’s unprecedented to nominate someone during an election year. While members on the left feel the country deserves to have a replacement in place as soon as possible.

The last time a justice was confirmed during an election year was when Reagan appointment, Kennedy was confirmed in February of 2008. Though he was nominated in November of 1987 after the first nominee was rejected.

Interestingly enough, the President has the authority to make temporary appointments during a Senate recess. This could potentially happen since the Senate is in recess through February 22nd. The questions are, should he; should he let the next president do it; and should the country be without a fully functioning Supreme Court Justice for more than a year?



Stacey Dash Keeps Her Paid FOX Internship Gig Going With A Twitter Read of President Obama

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Fox News is definitely getting their monkey’s worth with sometimes correspondent, ¬†Stacy Dash. She has definitely gotten the liberal and conservative tails wagging with her ultra polarized viewpoint. Her recent Twitter post after President Obama briefly addressed the crashing of flight MH17 got quite a few re-tweets from supporters and detractors alike. Her read of our current POTUS by referring to Reagan’s “real President(ial)” address of the dowing of a Korean flight back in the 1980s was straight out of the right wing playbook. She certainly knows how to pander to FOX Network’s base. But something about diminishing the present actions of Obama by glorifying a circumstance from decades ago just seems so desperate. But then again this is coming from a woman trying to get back to her glory days of relevancy when on ‘Single Ladies’. What network was that again? While I am certainly not one to rain on a fellow American’s Come-Up opportunity, I do think adding a bit of intellect to her political statements would be refreshing. I mean how long is she going to keep playing that ‘Clueless’ role? And while she waits to hear from a “real president”, I’ll be waiting to hear from a real news journalist.