Proof there is no singular issue that will gain all the support of African-American voters, two very influential blacks show disparate views on politics. During a visit to the set of Scandal by Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, Kerry Washington Instagramed a pic with #ImWithHer, showing support for the former Secretary of State.

Ben Carson, the one-time frontrunner in the GOP race to the nomination, who is now in dead last, gave an interview in which he stated President Obama was “raised white.” The implication being he couldn’t possibly understand the struggle of everyday black Americans.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders who has struggled to gain endorsements from influential black political leaders or entertainers, scored one such endorsement from film director, Spike Lee. Like every culture or race, there is no defining issue that speaks to everyone in that group. But it’ll be interesting to see who can get the lion’s share of a vote that proved so influential to Obama’s wins.

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In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman announced his support and endorsement ofHillary Clinton for President. When asked by Lemon, what are some of the major issues facing the country, Freeman pointed to security and income inequality.

Freeman’s public support in the interview serves to validate that he wasn’t just collecting a voice-over check in Clinton’s latest ad. In it Freeman intones, “Her life’s work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency, which is why for every American who’s not being paid what they’re worth, who’s being held back by student debt or a system tilted against them, and there are far too many of you, she understands that our country can’t reach its potential unless we all do.”

The ad debuted Friday on MSNBC and a longer version is set to begin airing in South Carolina just in time for the state’s Democratic primary.

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Sister Souljah made some harsh comments about Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this week. Clinton reminds her of the slave plantation white wife of the white ‘master,’ ” Souljah said, according to Time Magazine.

Now we haven’t heard from Souljah since her run-up on Bill Clinton back in 1992. And though the author and former recording artist has been something of a voice for civil rights issues, some are wondering why the harsh rhetoric. Sister doesn’t really give examples to back up her opinions. And it’s doubtful she’s ever spent any time on a plantation so the comparison seems a bit odd. But perhaps she’ll offer clarification soon. Meanwhile, Hillary is still making Boss moves on the debate stage!


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America wants Sarah Palin, Jesse Jackson and Others to Shut Up…

2014-07-10 18.54.04Sarah Palin is finally in the lead in the polls. Unfortunately, it’s the one to keep her mouth shut. In a recent telephone poll, Americans essentially told the former candidate to, in my NeNe voice, “Go hide.” She is one of several politicians in the poll and led the pack with over 50% responding she should keep quiet. This, of course is on the heels of her call to impeach President Obama. Many in her own party have distanced themselves from the former Alaska governor. John Boehner commented that her statement doesn’t help the party. However, it couldn’t be as silly as Boehner’s call to sue the President. To be fair, close on Palin’s heel in the poll were Jesse Jackson, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney and Al Gore, all with forty percent or greater approval to #STFU. But with a surprising thirty-two percent, many wish Bill Clinton would quiet it down too. Perhaps they want old boy to let his wife enjoy the Presidential spotlight for a change. Let’s see if Palin and the too-loud-crew will take the hint. But it seems that for everyone wanting her to pipe down, there are others on the edge of their seats for an earful of her “wisdom”.