Momma Dee’s Tooth Grants Exclusive Rickey Smiley Interview: Why He Jumped And What’s Next

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Momma Dee’s ‘I Deserve’ has been steadily scratching and clawing its way… trying to get to the charts, when the reality star turned gospel singer was upstaged at a recent performance. Preparing for a soulful rendition of her singular track, Scrappy’s momma opened her mouth to start when one of the most integral parts of her “band” jumped ship. Her front tooth just up and left his post. Being the experienced performer she is, Momma snatched him back, walked it off and convinced him the show must go on before putting him in his place. Then, in his first, and likely last interview on the subject, Tooth opened up to morning radio host, Rickey Smiley. Tooth explained, when asked why he left, that he just “wanted to see what else was out there” and quickly reminded Smiley that he is only there on a temporary basis. Indeed, Tooth later admitted that he thought they were done for the night and so he just left. He did have some nice things to say about the mouth he inhabited and that aside from the occasional smoke, it’s an alright place to reside. As Smiley asked what was up next for him, a brief interruption quieted the room. Many wondered if it was the wrath of Momma Dee coming for him but it turned out to be a mere flossing incident. But Tooth did let Smiley know that next on his horizon was another live performance. As the background music and vocals began, Tooth ended the interview.



Torrei Hart And Tameka Raymond Verbally Battle Over Cocktails… Round 1 to Torrei Hart

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VH1s Atlanta Exes is shaping up to be the season’s must see Reality TV, thanks in large part to Torrei Hart. Her fast feud with Tameka Raymond after just two episodes is becoming the talk of Twitter with many Hashtag inducing one-line zingers: Lay In The Coffin, Kill Yourself, Ghetto Rat Thief, etc. FULL DISCLOSURE, having interviewed Torrei in a bed with no panties, I have to admit to being Team Torrei all the way. And though I really want to feel for and be sympathetic towards Tameka, anyone that shows up to cocktails looking like Jim Carey in The Mask deserves the verbal beatdown that is to come. But truth be told, Torrei’s character assault did not come unprovoked. Tameka appears to live in an alternate universe where her jabs and backstabbing should go unanswered. And I hate to say it, but if what we are viewing is the real woman Usher was married to, I’m shocked he stayed as a long as he did. Clearly, Ms. Hart struck a nerve when addressing the custody issues surrounding Foster. And though hurtful, it was true what was said. If the two are to reconcile prior to the end of the season, Torrei needs to ignore the craziness that is Tameka Raymond. As for Tameka, well, only time will tell if this woman can make a change for the better. At the very least, she should change her stylist.



Heather And Terry Dubrow Try To Take The Beadors Down During RHOC Finale Dinner Party

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Heather Dubrow and her wife, Terry, continued their Beador Tag Team assault on last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Finale. After a horrendous vacation experience that left Tamra Judge in tears, Vicki hosted a Bali themed dinner party in the hopes it would end better than their last dinner overseas. Before bringing matters stateside, Heather attempted to apologize to Shannon for her behavior towards her subdivision neighbor. But of course, Mrs. Dubrow had to deflect and call out David Beador’s “behavior” at her bull riding, housewarming event. You remember, the one where Heather turned up the machine as Tamra held on for dear life. Apparently, three months down the line, Terry became “incensed” at comments Shannon’s husband made about spreading her legs on the bull. Of course he forgot his “ride it baby” and Eddie’s “show us how you ride Terry” comments. After getting the head’s up from his wife, David genuinely attempted an apology as soon as arriving at Vicky’s Backyard Balinese Bash. But the oh so forgiving Dubrows were having none of it. They were not only discourteous in accepting the apology but went off on tirades at the dinner table. At one point Terry referred to David as a “penis” and called out his construction worker’s background as an example of him not knowing how to treat women. Of course, him yelling at Shannon across the table at a dinner party for the second time is just the height of refinement. The comments then got uglier with Heather telling David she’d get him a thesaurus so he could better understand the big words they were throwing around. And at that point, it was clear… the Dubrows did have an agenda. They may not have wanted to take the Beadors down but they sure as hell were not trying to lift them up.


R & B Diva of L.A. Michel’le Toussant Continues To Open Up About Suicide And Battle With Depression

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Michel’le of TVOne’s Love And Hip Hop L.A. has been sharing her struggles with depression and her attempt at suicide for some time now. In the wake of shocking reports and the revelation that Robin Williams, who killed himself earlier this week, was also battling depression and addictions, it’s good to see someone willing to share her struggles so openly. My first exposure to Michel’le was in the early 90s when her hits No More Lies and Something In My Heart dropped on the charts like a ton of bricks. I immediately fell in love with both, especially the latter. Two decades later we can find through various YouTube videos of the R & B songstress looking and sounding better than ever. So it was probably shocking to many that the pint-sized powerhouse tried to end her life. Early on the second season we get to see a conversation between Tony Cornelius and the work his suicide foundation does. His father, Don Cornelius, the Soul Train legend, also took his life. What is the most impressive about Michel’le’s current situation is that she is not only open about her struggles but has sought help through therapy, counseling and the support of her co-stars and friends. Hopefully the star gets the peace of mind she so richly deserves and knows, that by sharing her story, she is helping countless others.

#NationalSuicidePreventionHotline 1.800.273.8255

Bravo’s Extreme Guide To Parenting Presents The Controversial Nomadic Whiteacre Family

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The latest in Bravo’s seemingly unending assortment of reality shows features families with extreme parenting styles. The most recent show presents the Whiteacres, who for three years have been living out of an SUV, pitching tents, and basically living on the road like a D-List Rock &Roll band. Apparently, after achieving all the trappings of middle-class life, the adults (this term is very loosely applied) decided they wanted more for their kids than just the usual, materialistic existence.  So they sold almost all of their belongings, rented their home and proceeded to live on the go and from town to town. At a certain point you begin to feel sorry for the couple’s two children. It’s one thing to want to instill values but it’s another thing altogether when you make the kids live like gypsies because, as a child, you didn’t “fit in.” And I’m all for stand by your man, but the wife seems to be brainwashed. Old girl was practically begging for a trailer so the family could actually have a place to go home to. Having tired of brushing teeth in public restrooms, mooching off strangers and friends for a place to stay and a home cooked meal and dragging a cooler around to act as a refrigerator, Mrs. Whiteacre had finally had it and all but forced her husband to by a trailer. Throughout the show you kept hearing her refer to the family as we and us. Not Big Poppa… with him it was always me, I and I feel or I think. There looks to be some definite social issues brewing with the children. Not being able to establish relationships or friendships with other children makes me feel the two will grow up extremely anti-social. Hopefully Mrs. Whiteacre will be able to shake her Stockholm Syndrome and encourage more changes. As for the husband, that family needs to slip him some sleeping pills and leave his ass in a tent somewhere.


Ramona Refused To Spill The Tea About Her Marriage At Reunion But Announces Separation From Husband This Week

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What did Ramona learn from this season’s Real Housewives of New York? Well, if one of the original cast members of the second oldest show in the Bravo Housewives franchise learned anything, she ain’t telling. During episode two of this year’s Reunion, Andy tried to put on his Barbara Walters best and ask the reality star about her disintegrating marriage. Rumors had been flying in the media all year that Mario Singer had been caught cheating. This apparently happened after filming and there was no direct talk about on air. But Andy Cohen feels that regardless, if you’re signed on to a reality show your entire life is open and fair game. Ramona clearly wasn’t feeling that and after arguing with both Cohen and this year’s Friend of the Housewives, LuAnn, asked for the conversation to be closed down. And though Ramona recently announced that her marriage is officially over, we still have one last Reunion episode to see if Andy can get anything out of her. Perhaps he might have gotten something had he chosen to be less combative with his line of questioning. But the episode should be quite interesting as we finally get to talk about Aviva’s infamous leg throw. Next package, please!


BAPS Premieres On Lifetime… And These Black Princesses Are Just As Ratchet As The Other Reality Women

2014-08-09 17.46.32 Just when you thought the reality shows couldn’t get any more ratchet, along comes Lifetime’s BAPS. Black American Princesses or BAPS, as they affectionately refer to themselves, are supposed to be women of color, born into a more affluent and educated family. At least that’s always been my interpretation. Unfortunately, the latest show to focus on black women is getting the same sort of backlash as the Basketball Wives and Love And Hip Hop series, Married To Medicine and Real Housewives of Atlanta once received. But this show is shot in St. Louis and though part of the acronym implies ladies of a regal background,  judging by the city it seems like just any other black, urban community. The “ladies” go out of their way to describe just how a BAP should behave and basically imply they are a several cuts above any of their colored counterparts. But basically they just come off as über bourgeois… or bougie… actually, bougetto. One of my favorite eye roll inducing scenes happens when one of the BAPS hosts a very refined and elegant formal dinner party. Now we know it’s formal because the hostess is making a point to set the table with their very best china and crystal. Indeed, we see the intense preparation which involves removing the elegant dinnerware frome their individual plastic sleeves. And though I’m just a poor, little black child trying to make it in Orange County, I’m a bit unsure as to just how proper it is to drink red wine from a champagne flute. But hey, who am I to judge. Clearly the BAPS of St. Louis live by traditions passed down from their chic and refined ancestors. But surely they would be aghast at entrées being served in tin foil, front and center on the dining room table adjacent to the family’s best China and flatware. I can’t really see this show going in any sort of refined direction; especially when one of the women spits on her friend for calling her a bad mother; so ladylike. Something tells me this show will just be added to the heap of reality television that makes producers and networks rich by presenting black women at their very worst. Or in the case of BAPS, the best of the worst.


Aviva Drescher Finds Out Father Marries Over The Weekend In Top Secret Malibu Ceremony


Congratulations go out to Real Housewives of New York star, Aviva Drescher’s father. Over the weekend it’s being reported that the prosthetic leg throwing reality star found out her father got married. 76 year-old George Teichner  married his 51 year junior and nail salon owner, Dana Lavette Cody. The couple married on a beach in Malibu and released a statement that neither the groom’s nor the bride’s family were invited. And while I am certainly happy for the newlyweds, I would have paid money to see a wedding spinoff. Or at the very least watch the happy couple drive off in a convertible with a few of Aviva’s spare legs tied to the bumper.


Are Any Of The Housewives Safe: Bravo Reportedly Recasting Many Shows This Year


Who says there are no jobs out there? If you’re a moderately wealthy woman looking for work in Orange County, New York, Beverly Hills or any of the cities Bravo currently shoots its popular Housewives franchise, you may be in luck. On the heels of last week’s not so surprising firing of Tamra Barney Judge, tonight we’ll be treated to part two of the New York franchise. It’s already being reported that pretty much the entire cast won’t be returning next year. While it’s one of the lowest rated in the franchise it’s not the only show getting a casting reboot. After one season Carlton and Joyce on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are out in favor of Lisa Rinna. This season saw pretty much the entire Manzo clan plus Kathy leave New Jersey and the return of original Dina Manzo. And who knows if the ladies of Miami or the show itself will ever see the light of television day again. Many are getting pink slips for being too boring, no storyline or in Tamra’s case, going against your bosses. Critics have long complained that these shows portray women, black women in particular, in a negative light by focusing on the bickering, backstabbing and overall mean girl mentality. One bright spot was the addition of Shannon Beador to Orange County. While there was plenty of drama involving her it was pretty much her own dramatic family life and fending off unwarranted attacks from cast mates that was televised. She showed you can be real, and while it may be unflattering, it resonated with audiences. Shannon has become one of the more popular ladies in the franchise without coming off as mean, nasty or a trouble maker. Hopefully we’ll see more additions like her. In the meantime we will get a chance to see Ramona and LuAnn go at for likely the last time in this year’s New York Reunion. I guess just like wealthy men, networks can drop a wife after just a few years too.


Tamra Barney Judge Fired From Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County…? Will Lizzie Rovsek Follow Her Out The Door?!

2014-08-04 13.53.23

Looks like Tamra Barney Judge will have some company at the Real Housewives Unemployment line. It’s being reported that co-star Lizzie also won’t be returning. The swimsuit designer just didn’t connect with fans, according to a Bravo insider. Personally I think the tacky brown pirate boots did her in. But barring some major end of season blowout, Lizzie Rovsek will exit as quietly as she came in. Not so with Tamra. The OC Housewives regular started a twitter war with the bosses at Bravo; accusing them of unfavorable editing. She also tried to blame production for the incident surrounding her last minute cancelation to Lizzie’s birthday bash. You could almost sense something like this was going to happen when Judge, in response to being called a trouble maker on Watch What Happens Live, stated, “I’m just doing my job.” To which host Andy Cohen replied, “Your job is to be real.” No sooner had Tamra tweeted dissatisfaction on how she is being portrayed the network sent out a release that she would not be returning next year. I wonder how much Tamra likes this editing…?!?