Marilyn Mosby Charges Six Officers In Death Of Freddie Gray


Baltimore State Attorney for Maryland, Marilyn Mosby, held a stunning press conference today to release details of the events surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. Gray sustain injuries so severe while at the hands of the Baltimore Police Department, that he died a week follwing his arrest.

Mosby spoke eloquently and directly as she detailed the events surrounding Freddie Gray’s arrest, injuries, time in police van and subsequent autopsy reports. The final analysis showed that Gray was unlawfully detained and arrested without probable cause; Gray was denied medical treatment; Gray was improperly secured in a police vehicle, possibly exacerbating injuries. When all was said and done, Freddie Gray’s death would be ruled a homicide and no less than 6 offices would be charged.

The officers charged included three white males, two black males and a black female officer. All have surrendered and had their mugshots and names released. The 6 face a total of 28 charges from manslaughter, assault, misconduct, false imprisonment all the way up to second degree murder. The quick review of the facts and charges led some to question if this was a rush to justice. However, veteran defense attorney, Mark Geragos noted that had these charges been filed against ordinary citizens, they would have come much sooner.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Marilyn Mosby has been thrust into the spotlight due to the tragic events that culminated in Freddie Gray’s death. But the young, black female state attorney refused to bow to the pressure. And as critics now call for her to recuse herself in favor of a special prosecuter, Mosby, as of now, doesn’t seem likely to give into that pressure either. She is not just a woman on the rise but one who is raising the standards of cases of this nature.