Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Fashion Hits And Misses


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion is upon us once again. And as usual, the fashions and the ladies’ appearances have already got social media buzzing. Here’s a rundown of the divaDo/divaDon’t moments:

NeNe Leakes — It seems that NeNe has finally gotten her wig game all the way together for this year’s reunion. The Donald Trump hair days are long behind her and this golden, swept to the side style perfectly compliments her modern suit. As usual, her styling team has come through and she gets tens across the board and a solid divaDo for this look.

Kenya Moore — It’s clear that Kenya still believes that she is Beyoncé’s long lost sister. Ms. Moore donned a discount version of the Michael Costello gown created for the singer and Kenya’s inspiration. And while we do appreciate a different hair look from the usual pageant blow-out, the entire look seems a bit dated. However, we will give this a divaDo because despite the knockoff influence, it looks good on her.

Porsha Williams — Even though this dress has us reminiscing bottle popping at the club, the Belvedere Vodka inspired design is nicely crafted and fits Williams to a T. And just like the liquor, she may look smooth but we all know Porsha packs a punch. We’d like to see something other than this body-con look but it suits her so well. Clearly, the GoNaked Hair is top quality and our girl never skimps on the makeup artists. So overall, this is a pretty clean divaDo.

Cynthia Bailey — I guess when your friendship contract ends in a divorce, there’s always a chance you won’t win out in the settlement. And from the looks of things, NeNe was granted sole custody of the stylists and makeup artists. This little smock something of a dress would be better suited for volunteer work at a senior center. And the makeup, while not atrocious, leaves much to be desired. But to top it all off, the wig choice is just all the way wrong. It almost looks as though the wig wasn’t enough so she weaved in a few extra packs of hair. Note: when the curls on either side of you wig move in totally different directions when speaking, it’s time to start over. Cynthia’s fashion game has been in a steady decline all season and this right here takes the cake; definitely a divaDon’t. 

Kandi Burruss — She’s been doing these reunion shows almost as long as NeNe so at this point there is no excuse for looking mediocre. The dress is too long and could clearly use the work of a good tailor or seamstress to make it more flattering on the petite R&B producer’s frame. As for the hair and makeup, they’re okay. Perhaps her switch over to Kenya’s side has caused her to fall off her game. But unfortunately, and we hate to do it; divaDon’t.

Claudia Jordan — Just like her personality all season, we never know what to expect from ole’ Hammer Toe Jordan. But she cleaned herself up and covered the bunions nicely. While not high on fashion, it’s definitely a win for her first Reunion. We’re not so sure about the hair and if it’s a real bob or the tucked under version sported in Puerto Rico. But it seems to be tight and in place, as is the makeup. Though this look may be better suited for Friday night singles’ meet and greets at the bar, she surpassed a couple veterans; divaDo. 

Phaedra Parks — This not Mrs. Parks finest Reunion fashion moment but with all that Apollo has put her through, she gets an honorary divaDo for keeping it together and making it through the season.

And there you have it, our clear winners: NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams… Let the Reunion shenanigans begin!



Bruce Jenner Announces Plans To Transition And Shows Off LBD In ABC Interview

More than 17 million people viewed last night’s interview of Bruce Jenner by Diane Sawyer. ABC billed it has Bruce finally sharing his story and his journey. And right off the bat, we learned the journey he was on was to transition to a woman.
It was a heartwarming interview to many who may have, for the first time in their lives, seen a more human side to those struggling with gender identity issues. With support from his four children from the first two marriages and his mother and sister, Jenner is already steps ahead of others when it comes to having a support system. The outpouring of love and support from ex-wife Kris and all the Kardashian kids in the form tweets and instagram posts was inspiring. Even Bruce’s younger daughters showed immense support and pride for their father’s decision to publicly address the world.
But the most touching scene had to be when Bruce shared with Sawyer the dress he planned to wear for their private dinner. The chic, elegant, black number with sheer sleeves and décolleté, was the quintessential LBD (Little Black Dress). No doubt, heavily influenced by the styles and trendsetting ways of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie, Bruce is well on his way to being the latest fashionista in the family!

Charli Baltimore Debuts Bed Full of Money Video In Beverly Hills


This week, Charli Baltimore launched the much anticipated video to her latest single, ‘Bed Full of Money’, at a private screening in Beverly Hills. The mother of two stunned on the Pink Carpet in a Moschino dress accessorized with a Limited Chanel/Dallas handbag and coordinating earrings. She was supported by Detroit rapper, Kash Doll, who had a Limited denim Chanel bag of her own paired with denim Louboutins. And in true entrepreneurial spirit, Kash Doll donned a blush, two-piece look from her own Detroit boutique, Kash de Doll.
Instagram celeb and comedian, Eastside Ivo, joined in the festivities in a show of support for Baltimore. The youngster has capitalized on his million-plus Instagram following and was also in town to perform a comedy set later in the week at an event hosted by Lunell.
The video launch was brilliantly executed by Trea Davenport in the Penthouse of the Luxe hotel on Rodeo Drive. Celebrity hairstylist, Samara Shannon cut up for the cameras with Ivo who wore an on trend denim look with Gucci kicks and Cartier shades. Yours truly and PR maven MiMi Davis had a blast watching the video play out on the side of a building; a memorable twist that had the crowd buzzing. It was the only thing that took our attention away from the bathing suit clad twenty-something boy-toy holding court in the VIP area.
Make sure you catch the video on YouTube and download the single ASAP. The track, with its infectious hook, is already on repeat in my ride. All in all, it was a fabulous launch with amazing energy. Hey, any Beverly Hills event with shirtless male models is alright with me!

Baddie Winkle Steals Spotlight In Dimepiece LA Campaign


Proving that Divas get better with age, 85 year-old Instagram star, Baddie Winkle recently nabbed a major fashion campaign with none other than Dimepiece LA. The Kentucky native who has inspired the likes of Miley Cyrus proves that modelling ain’t just for the twenty-somethings. Just in time for Coachella, where we hear she is partying with the best of ’em, Bad Baddie can be seen in the ads throwing up deuces and daring scroll trolls to look back at it.

It’s great to know that no matter our age, as long as you’re feeling fierce, you will always be fabulous. And Coachella main chicks and sidepieces, beware. Baddie’s Instagram bio reads, “stealing your man since 1928…” You’ve been warned.

The Ever-Changing Faces Of The Housewives of Beverly Hills

1428461352890The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion debuted many new faces last week, and not just those of newbies Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. With the exception of Yolanda Foster, everyone else’s faces have changed significantly than when they first appeared on the series. Some drastically since this season’s first episode.

Lisa Rinna, of all the women, should be the one garnering the most gasps. However, her decision to tone things down, with regard to her mug, has her looking relatively normal. Not quite as normal as Eileen Davidson’s basic makeup and soap opera hair (last hired, last in the makeup chair) which looked as if she’d done both herself… in the dark.

Lisa Vanderpump has definitely changed since she first debuted as a housewife. Specifically, her lips. And while the rest of her face is aging quite nicely, the 60s hair bump was a definite no-no. Kim Richards has also benifitted from a bit of lip plumping but aside from that, her face is still recognizable from her series debut.

But the most shocking changes have to be those of Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville. Kyle definitely got the Tom Cruise treatment and her slick, shiny and eerily taught face was more reminiscent of a kewpie doll than a youthful version of herself. But Brandi gets the award for most changed. Between the botox, plumped lips and puffy appearance, her face seemed filled to the max. It almost looks as if she came straight from the needle’s chair.

Tonight Part II of the Beverly Hills Reunion continues. The previews show things escalating between everyone. Let’s hope the faces can withstand the turbulence.


Celebs Upgrade to Alaïa For White Hot Spring Trend

1427960532952White is definitely a trend this Spring and these ladies are setting the standard early. Naomi, Christie and Porsha have been fans of the sophisticated ease a clean white dress can offer. But all have traded in those body hugging Herve Leger styles and upgraded to Alaïa For 2015.

Truth be told, Naomi Campbell has been wearing dresses by her designer friend, Azzedine, for decades. And it seems that everyone from the Kardashians to Christie Brinkley has caught on to the stunning figure these dresses cut. Starting at three to four thousand dollars, an Azzedine Alaïa piece may set you back a pretty penny. But considering how fantastic 61 year-old Christie Brinkley looks, we may be willing to crack into that savings account.

Before you chide us for being so frivolous with our coin, consider this. When Alaïa stopped designing for a while in the 90s, the values of original pieces of his skyrocketed among collecters. At one point, originals on eBay were going for triple or quadruple the already steep purchase prices. But now that we see how good it makes each of these ladies look, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment, don’t you think?