Ciara Slays In This Asylum Inspired Look For Kelly And Micheal Taping

Screenshots_2015-03-31-16-33-49R&B star, Ciara stepped out in this white, flowing number on her way to a taping of Live! With Kelly and Michael. The songstress is not slowing down one bit despite having recently birthed a baby boy. She has been steady promoting the upcoming release of her album, Jackie, and even gave a performance for the April 3rd show.

Of course, success comes at a cost as the singer is currently the target of a copyright infringement suit by none other than Atlanta native, Jermaine Dupri. Dupri claims Ciara’s recent release, I Bet, is a complete ripoff of Usher’s 2001 You Got It Bad. This might explain Ciara’s modest choice of fashion. Though looking lovely is ever, Ciara’s dress is reminiscent of something one might wear to a Friday night social in an asylum. Perhaps she’s preparing an “I may have been a bit crazy” defense á la Robin Thicke. The shoes were cute though…



Double The Trouble And Double The Shade: Bravo Announces NeNe And Kim Spinoff

Screenshots_2015-03-30-13-27-28Well it looks like that reunion between Kim Zolciak Bierman and NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens Live earlier this year was a taste of things to come. Bravo announced that NeNe and Kim would be starring in their own spin-off,  NeNe and Kim: Road To Riches. This confirms just what those contracts NeNe tweeted about signing a week ago were.

It all makes sense seeing as how the two most popular Housewives in Atlanta (maybe even the entire franchise) have been able to maintain a high number of viewers on their previous solo shows. Fans of the two have been clamoring and calling for a ‘bring Kim and NeNe back together’ moment for years. And the Twitter sphere and all social media has blown up with the news.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen just what will happen to Real Housewives of Atlanta without its major draw. But we suspect that even if the show moves forward, Cynthia Bailey, will probably be the first to get the boot. NeNe has been Cynthia’s storyline for years. The former catalog model may have known the jig was up which would explain her ratcheting up the drama with the other castmembers this season. As for Kenya Moore, while she’s busy trying to make Life Twirls On happen… NeNe done twirled her way on to bigger and better things. Even if Real Housewives of Atlanta does come back, we foresee some serious pay cuts happening.


Erica Campbell And A Reunited Destiny’s Child Bring Down The House At Stellar Awards

Screenshots_2015-03-29-15-12-37Erica Campbell snatched so many awards last evening at The 2015 Stellar Awards, she just may need to take inspiration from the above image and clone herself to carry home her haul. Campbell, a member of the chart-topping Gospel duo, Mary Mary, released a solo album and garnered 10 nominations at this year’s event. The gorgeous singer took home six of them, including Artist and Song of The Year.

But if that wasn’t electrifying enough, Destiny’s Child reunited to perform Michelle William’s hit, Say Yes. The crowd were on their feet as the songstress was supported by friends and bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé. To cap it all off, Michelle took home her first Stellar Award for the video to her popular song.

As many in the industry glorify his name this Sunday, many will be doing so with a pep in their step thanks to last night’s show. It will be hard to top this show next year. But then again, that’s what we said last year!


Tamar Braxton Gets Emotional About Looking Like A Muppet… Instagram Subsequently Loses All Chill

Screenshots_2015-03-26-16-35-57And then this happened. Tamar Braxton poured her heart out on The Real yesterday morning about, what else, bullying. The songstress and co-host was beat for life and wigged out in her usual manner and began tearfully opening up about a certain “person” (K. Michell, Chris Brown, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) saying she looked like a muppet. The emotions were on fleek and Tamar admitted to asking her husband Vince if she really did look like a Muppet. Her co-host, Jennie, buried her face in her hands and exclaimed, “Oh my God”.

OH MY GOD, is right! The audience was quiet as hosts Tamera, Loni and Adrienne seemed to be doing a combination of showing support and holding in their laughter. In watching we kept thinking, “she can’t be serious”. She is really “devasted” that people say she looks like a muppet?

First of all, Tamar is not known for being slow or stingy with the shade. She has slung the mud at many, including her own sisters. But when something comes back to her she wants to pull out the bullying card. Let’s just say right now that bullying of children by other children or adults is never acceptable. It’s wrong and should be addressed and those guilty of it should be punished. However, if you are still dealing with scars from childhood bullying and you are in your 30s approching 40, you’re the one with the problem. Your bully has moved on with their life and has more than likely received his or her comeuppance. Meanwhile, decades on Tamar out here in these streets talking about a clapback she received has taking her back to those dark bullying days.

When you’re a grown woman and toss shade via social media and they respond hurtfully, that’s not bullying. Is K.Michelle mean tweeting daily images of muppets, sending muppet dolls to your house or telling everyone in any interview she gives that you look like a muppet? No, she responded to something hurtful you said and now it has stuck. But the whole Muppet thing had pretty much died down until Tamar resuscitated it and gave it new life yesterday morning. We hope Tamar can get out of the way of her feelings and just let it go. Crying about it on national tv at her age just makes her look ridiculous. At some point Tamar needs to be the bigger person. How about you contact Disney about some voice-over work for the next Muppet Movie; Turn that read into a role and elevate yourself. Let’s not minimize true bullying by hijacking the term for your petty social media wars. Besides, is it really bullying when someone says you look like a muppet… and you do?



Is This Look By Fashion Queen Derek J A divaDo Or A divaDon’t?

Screenshots_2015-03-22-18-04-02DAMN, DAMN, DAMN…! Fashion Queens co-host, Derek J is definitely having an Esther Rolle moment in this 70s caftan look. Now we know it’s been a terrible winter for our East Coast divas. But just because Spring has sprung and you get a little bit of sun, there is no reason for something like this to happen. But let’s give our Diva the benefit of the doubt and dissect the look:

1) The seventies are definitely back in a big way for Spring. And while caftans are prominent, this swap meet style version is not the way to go. Take away the bedazzled motif and this color palette is definitely on trend. Verdict: divaDon’t

2) A classic aviator pair of suglasses would have worked wonders for this look. But the over-the-top gold, angular shape of these distracts from the caftan… Actually, that is more of a benefit here. Verdict: Not really a divaDo but we’ll let Ms. Derek have that.

3) Your pool/beach attire should turn heads, not make them shake with pity. As far as overall impact goes, most would risk their eyesight looking into the sun than at this. Verdict: divaDon’t

So there you have it. Unfortunately, this Derek J Caribbean inspired ensemble gets a solid divaDon’t. Now if this were someone’s auntie we might let it slide as over excitement that winter days are behind us. But when you’re a supposed arbiter of taste and style, one must do better.


A Radiant Serena Williams Graces The Cover Of Vogue

Screenshots_2015-03-22-13-47-52Serena Williams graces the cover of Vogue Magazine for the second time this coming April. In its annual Shape Issue, the tennis star talks about, among other things, being best friends with Caroline Wozniacki, one of her fiercest opponents. The April cover quickly garnered thousands of likes on both the magazine’s and Williams’ Instagram accounts. But as usual, the trolls were out in full force commenting negatively on the image itself for its lack of makeup and perceived unattractive appearance of the tennis champion. Serena, who recently passed Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova for total Grand Slams after winning this year’s Australian Open for her 19th , looks radiant, regal and is a refreshing example of what true athletic beauty looks like. It’s wonderful to see a cover whose subject isn’t the victim of overly contoured makeup or a photo shop treatment reminiscent of paint by numbers. Congratulations Serena and Vogue on a stunningly beautiful cover!



Univison Host Fired For Comments About First Lady, Michelle Obama: Are These The New Faces Of Racists In America?

1426204585037On the heels of the SAE fraternity scandal at Oklahoma University, an Emmy winning entertainment journalist has been fired over disparaging remarks about First Lady, Michelle Obama. Rodner Figueroa, Univision’s host of El Gordo Y La Flaca, made comments comparing the first lady’s appearance to that of a character from Planet Of The Apes. Figueroa alleged that he was terminated the following day after a call was made from the First Lady’s office at the White House. However, Univision denied such contact was made and released this statement the morning following the incident:

“Yesterday during our entertainment program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ Rodner Figueroa made comments regarding First Lady Michelle Obama that were completely reprehensible and in no way reflect Univision’s values or views,” Univision said in a statement. “As a result, Mr. Figueroa was immediately terminated.”

The swift move by the network was both applauded and criticized. But it clearly did not want to deal with any prolonged negativity that was sure to come from viewers and possibly sponsors. The firing of Rodner came even quicker than the fraternity suspension and expulsion of two students cited in playing a leadership role in the racist chant that has dominated the news for days. Immediately after the repercussions were felt, the apologies came from Figueroa and the two students expelled. As usual, in these type of instances, all professed apologies for their insensitive remarks to any and all offended by their comments. But what do these apologies really mean? What exactly are the perpetrators of these insensitive and racist remarks sorry for? Brushing them aside as careless choices of words or harmless jokes that went a wry don’t help society get to the core of why these comments were made in the first place. Clearly, when one makes comments such as these, there is some basis of personal truth and belief behind them. To be apologetic after many are offended to comments that are clearly offensive appears self-serving. So while forgiveness of the comments is always possible, acceptance of the apology will more than likely be refused. Figueroa’s comments are beyond disturbing because as someone in the media, his opinions and views find their way into the homes of millions; offending vast numbers along the way. This is something Univision must have had in mind when they fired their award winning host with the quickness. And it is comforting to know that both the network and Oklahoma University are standing behind zero tolerance policies in cases such as this. But it is also uncomfortable to realize that seemingly intelligent, college educated students and camera-ready news journalists are the new faces of racial discrimination in this country. Even more disturbing, the fact that one of them is a person of color.