Bruce Jenner Involved In Deadly Crash In Malibu

2015-02-08 11.18.50The start to 2015 has been tough for Bruce Jenner. Seen above surveying damage to another vehicle after a deadly auto accident in Malibu, the Jenner/Kardashian patriarch was caught up in a four car collision that left one of eight involved dead. According to reports, Jenner slammed on the brakes of his black Escalade and swerved trying to mitigate damage to a white Lexus ahead of him. The Lexus had been in an incident with a Prius but Jenner’s rear ending of the white luxury car sent it into oncoming traffic where it was struck by a black Hummer. The driver of the Lexus was killed. Initial reports suggested that Jenner might have been chased by paparazzi on the beautiful stretch of Pacific Coast Highway where the incident occured. However, police later ruled that out and Bruce was taken away in a patrol car. Jenner has been in the news recently for news of a May interview with Diane Sawyer in which it is suggested he will reveal plans to transition to a woman. As if the surrounding reports and jokes about his ever changing appearance aren’t enough, Jenner must now deal with this latest tragic event.



Kenya Moore Gets Fired From Celebrity Apprentice And Her Instagram Quickly Goes Private


So, Kenya Moore got fired tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. Many were wondering how long it would take for the Detroit ┬ábeauty queen to self destruct. But no one guessed she would be so low down in the gutter to resort to thievery and slander to save herself from the chopping block. Bring in Hawaiian King Rolls and their poor executive team who had to suffer through a presentation that objectified women with its tacky “we love buns” theme. Even more cringe inducing was the employing of a toddler reaching towards Vivica Fox’s ass with the Hashtag #BabiesLoveBuns. Clearly the team of Fox, Moore and Rivera didn’t stand a chance. But Kenya began digging her grave early by trying to paint Fox as unprofessional and “menopausal”. After planting the seed of unprofessional behavior, when in reality she treated Fox as an assistant, Moore cited an alleged tweet from Vivica’s Twitter account that stated she was “acting a damn fool”. How strange that Moore would use such similar verbiage and that Vivica’s phone mysteriously went missing right around the time the phone went missing. Clearly seeing that Kenya Moore was resorting to low tactics, Vivica called out the Miss USA and read her like she was at A Real Housewives Reunion. Donald and his team weren’t buying it and questioned the authenticity of the tweet. Eventually Donald fired Kenya for being the Project Manager for the failed pitch. Apparently, #TeamTwirl’s leader couldn’t handle the backlash as her Instagram was quickly switched to private. For much of the evening, Moore was called out on various memes on Instagram and the barage of treats from disgusted viewers grew by the minute. Moore’s Instagtam popped back up in the morning and she went right into her victim mode on The Today Show. Oh well, life goes on and so will Kenya. But there will be no Apprentice afterlife for her. At least Twitter and Instagram got a hot new Hashtag to celebrate her dismissal…