Kim Richards A No-Show At Sister Kyle’s Beverly Hills Birthday Luncheon

Screenshots_2015-01-21-16-02-13Kim Richards was a no-show at her sister Kyle’s birthday luncheon this past Friday at The Palm in Beverly Hills. Friends cite ongoing issues regarding Kim’s pitbull attacking Kyle’s daughter two months back. But we have to wonder if after the airing of last night’s major blow-up between the Richards gals, if there is a serious rift in their relationship. During the RHOBH episode, Kyle organizes a girl’s getaway for the two along with four of the other “friends” to Santa Barbara resort, Baccara. According to Kyle, there was supposed to be a beautiful lunch for all of them but the hotel “went all out” and provided the ladies with a wine tasting experience. Hmmmm, a wine tasting seems an odd event to host for a group of girls that includes you addiction suffering sister. After some clearly uncomfortable behavior and comments of “Kim seems okay in her sobrietry” to deal with things, everyone seemed to move on. Kyle apologized but many viewers were left wondering why she didn’t just tell the hotel staff to change the tasting to dessert or cheese. And there were others who felt Kim is old enough to excuse herself and go enjoy a facial or something. Either way it was clearly an awkward moment for all in attendance. But that was nothing compared to what happened when Eileen Davidson hosted a ladies poker night with her husband as dealer. Kim, clearly under the influence of something, proceeded to embarrass herself and left the other ladies commenting that she was clearly “fucked up”. But it was when Kyle and Kim spoke off-camera (mics still on) that things took a turn for the worse. Kyle questioned Kim’s sobtiety and told her it appeared that she’d been drinking . Kim, for her part, admitted to taking a pain medication that was prescribed by her doctor. Kyle was clearly upset, but when Kim decided to leave and say goodbye to her sister, she made a “thanks for that,” comment. Perhaps unhappy that her sister chose once again to air her dirty laundry for the cameras, the elder Richards sister began to storm out. But when Kyle chased after her and began to verbally berate Kim on her behavior, Brandi tried to diffuse the situation by trying the get Kyle to just let Kim leave. Next thing you know, Kyle takes a swipe at Brandi more than once and Brandi responds by shoving Kyle down a couple of steps. Now considering this was all filmed some time ago, one has to wonder if this too played a part in Kim’s decision to skip Kyle’s birthday celebration. Hopefully, the two can come to some sort of understanding and try to move past this… again.



Pope Francis On Freedom Of Expression and Birth Control

150115071436-01-pope-asia-0115-exlarge-169 (1)His Holiness, Pope Francis, is steady causing a stir in interviews and press conferences on his visit to the Philippines. Monday, he may have shown a softening to the Church’s stance on birth control. When asked about the topic, Francis commented that couples “shouldn’t procreate endlessly,” and that there should be responsibility involved in parenthood. The fact that the Pope is willing to speak directly about current issues and events and how they affect the world is refreshing. When referencing the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine and it’s cartoonists, Francis cautioned that “one cannot insult another’s faith” but also that “…To kill in the name of God is an aberration.” It echoes recent and rising sentiments that, while horrific the act of gunning down the Hebdo staff, free speech comes with responsibility and sometimes unlikely consequences. So while France and much of Western Europe grapple with how to deal with the rise of European-born Islamic extremists, perhaps it’s time for them to look at the issue with a fresh perspective. Pope Francis’ talk of responsibility applies not only to issues of birth control or freedom of expression and speech, but just about every aspect of life in the world today.


Kenya Moore Tweets Shade About Lupita Nyong’o Golden Globes Snub


Kenya Moore is at it again with her trifling and pot stirring ways. But instead of staying in her lane and taking shots at her reality counterparts, Kenya is aiming her pistol at legitimate actor, Lupita Nyong’o. Apparently, the former Miss USA and Smooth Magazine cover girl was none to pleased about a perceived snub by Lupita at the NBC Universal Golden Globes after party. According to her account (trust, no one else saw this) the Academy Award winning Nyong’o refused to take a picture with the C-list Moore. The Atlanta “Housewife” tossed a bit of shade at Lupita’s short two-film resume and lifted herself up as being the humble victim. Poor Kenya. Apparently, her Beyonce look-alike game was clearly not on point as Lupita rightly knew to steer clear of the troublemaker. This just seems to reinforce the notion that Moore really has nothing interesting going on in her own life. Her relevancy always seems to come on the heels of manufactured beef with others. But it’s time Kenya Moore realized she needs to better herself if she wants someone other than her aunt to snap a picture with her. It’s obvious she and NeNe Leakes don’t get along, but damn, learn something from those who have paved a way! First, fire your entire makeup, hair, wardrobe and style team. They are not getting you together. You’ll never be ready for the big leagues with sweet 16 makeup and ill-fitting, off the rack gowns. Second, stop getting your feelings hurt because you think folks don’t like you; they don’t. In fact, most of them despise you. Lastly, learn to STFU and walk away when things don’t go as planned; dust yourself off, pick up the pieces, regroup and when you get the urge to say something, drag your own damn self across the floor. And for the record, Lupita Nyong’o, despite having just two film credits and no booty exercise video to her name, is on another┬álevel. You are not on that level. You can’t even see the level she is on because there are so many other levels between you two that are blocking your sight. We suggest you go home, sincerely apologize to Porsha and admit everything was your fault and beg and plead for assistance in finding a makeup artist and a stylist to get you some clothes that fit. In the meantime, stay your ass of Twitter!


Claudia Goes In, But NeNe’s Response Is Epic


This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has absolutely no chill zone. Every week someone has been called out, read for filth or gotten together in such an eye-popping way, some of the ladies have been left in tears while fans have been left in tears of laughter. Last night was no exception as the shade slinging between NeNe and new “housewife”, Claudia hit a new level. As bickering and bantering at the first dinner of their Puerto Rico trip took place between Phaedra and Demetria, one couldn’t help but notice that Claudia had something up her sleeve. Taking offense to an inside joke between NeNe and Porsha, the bunion laden Jordan decided it was time for someone to get NeNe together. Unfortunately for her, her short class time at the Peter Thomas School of Robot Reads was not enough to prepare her for what NaeNae had in store. NeNe let Claudia get some good shots off but when the biracial beauty went in on her stripper days, there was no holding back. Now, when NeNe commented that Claudia had been fu@ked by everyone in Hollywood, we were surprised at Jordan’s non-denial reply, “Jealous?” Well, at least she owns her sleeping around as much as she owns her bad feet. But after the, “clit has left your body comment,” Jordan was quickly silenced. One thing we can’t understand is why Claudia didn’t go after Phaedra in defense of Demetria. Clearly, she has realized her bunion and bullied for being biracial storylines won’t get her to a second season, so she came for the queen. But be careful when you send for someone, Claudia. Because like Kenya learned on the floor, you may not want them to show up.