Target Sells Black Barbie For Double The Price Of White Barbie

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Target has come under fire days before Christmas for selling the African-American version of the Barbie Design Maker doll for more than twice the price of the white version.   When a black father went online to order the doll for his daughter, he became outraged at the doll’s inflated price. After calling customer service to complain, Target issued a statement and apologized by reducing the price of both dolls to $20.99. Critics were quick to point out discriminatory under tones in the hyper sensitive racial environment of the last few months. But was it really racially motivated? Maybe the white dolls just weren’t as popular and Target had to slash their price to move them. Or, maybe the black Barbies sold more rapidly than expected making them more desirable. We are, after all, living in a capitalist world where supply and demand rule. We sort of felt bad for the white Barbie. Not only was she on sale, if you bought two, the second was an additional 50% off. Ouch… that’s gotta hurt! But as our editor-in-chief, divaD put it, “Clearly, this is representative of reality. Chocolate lovelies are more rare, more unique and as such, command a higher price. And I’d rather have a black Birkin than a white Coach bag any day…” Touchè!



Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia And Todd’s ‘Little Rascals’ Inspired Fashion Choices

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With only a handful of episodes airing, this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t been short on drama. But leave it to two former fan favorites to keep questionable fashion antics front and center with their style choices. While NeNe and Porsha opt for high-end designer styles and Phaedra stays classic in Southern-Belle chic, Cynthia Bailey and Todd Tucker seem to be taking their fashion cues from the 1920s Our Gang crew. Kandi, who always looks fun and trendy in looks from her TAGS boutiques might want to start up a men’s line to help her newlywed husband. His choice of work attire definitely leaves something to be desired. As for Cynthia, she ought to know better being a model and all. Her fresh off the paper route look she wore to a meeting with Porsha was more reminiscent of Jackie Cooper stealing apples than the Geek Chic look she was probably going for. But hey, when your reality show storyline revolves heavily around your spouse or former bestie, drastic measures must be taken in order to get more screen time.


Korean Air Executive Kicks Flight Attendant Off Plane

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Yes, honey! Heather Cho is letting them know that when you fly first class on Korean Air, you will receive first class service. Cho, whose father is CEO of the company and herself has a position of Vice-President of something, recently caused a flight out of JFK to be delayed twenty minutes. Why…? She was served macadamia nuts in a bag. After scolding the Jr. Steward for not serving the nuts on a plate, she had the Sr. Steward thrown off the plane for not knowing the proper policy for serving nuts. Even though the plane had left the gate, she ordered it turned around so the steward could learn just who was in charge. Unfortunately for Cho, who many feel has her title based on her DNA not her qualifications, ended up having to resign once word hit Seoul that she overstepped her authority. But that seems to be a bit extreme. After all, Korean Air is known as one of the premiere airlines for service. And when you’re paying thousands of dollars for a seat up front that turns into a bed, who wants to be treated like they’re on a Southwest connecting flight? Maybe Heather should have just told the staff to get it together and politely remind them of who she was. It was a bit extra of her to order the plane back to the gate. But who was the pilot that decided that, against aviation protocol, she could make a change to the flight? Let’s hope the staff isn’t too shook up over the incident. And hopefully Ms. Cho has learned to check her inner Diva with her baggage. But the next time someone serves you bagged snacks in first or business class, ask yourself, “What exactly are you paying for?”


John Galliano Presents Anna Wintour With British Fashion Award

2014-12-05 17.21.03 This week, the fashion world saw Anna Wintour, Editor In Chief, Vogue, receive the Outstanding Achievement statue at the British Fashion Awards. While it was certainly no surprise that Wintour should or would eventually receive the honour, her decision of presenter raised quite a few eyebrows. As is customary for this type of recognition, the recepient selects someone to present and possibly give a speech in their honour. While there are many a designer, young and old who would jump at the opportunity, Anna’s designation of John Galliano was a welcome, if not a bit of a controversial surprise. The designer, who has rehabilitated himself after losing his position with Dior and LVMH over anti-Semitic comments made in a Parisian café, seems to be on a bit of a PR tour. It was recently announced that French house Maison Martin Margiela would present a Haute Couture collection during Spring’s Couture shows in January. But even more startling was Wintour’s decision to wear a custom piece created by Galliano for the evening’s ceremony. So rare is it that the fashion doyenne is seen at major events in something other than Chanel, fashion insiders saw it as both a show of support for the designer and veritable passing of the Haute Couture baton. Both Wintour and Galliano were equally radiant and the simple bias cut, patterned design was elegant and delightfully whimsical. Now more than before, the fashion world is waiting for a Maison Martin Margiela show that is sure to make history.


Shocking Details Emmerge About Officer Who Killed Twelve-Year-Old Tamir Rice

cleveland-police-shoot-boy Shocking details are emerging in the shooting death of 12 year-old Tamir Rice at the hands of police officer Timothy Loehmann. As protests continue in New York after another grand jury returns a decision not to indict an officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, more disturbing evidence is emerging calling into question the actions of Timothy Loehmann. Loehmann responded to a 911 call describing a black man brandishing a weapon at a park. Video surveillance cameras captured images of a twelve year-old Rice pointing what looks to be a gun at passersby. Within 2 seconds of the police arriving on scene, Tamir Rice is shot and is later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Immediately, critics singled out the speed in which Tamir was shot and how it contradicted the officer’s claims that the boy was asked three times to put his hands up. The officer’s patrol car had barely come to a stop, windows up when the door opened and with little warning shots were fired. Now it’s come to light that Loehmann had resigned from the neighboring Independence Police Department before being hired by the Cleveland Police Department. Records indicate a supervisor severely questioned Loehmann’s maturity and describe a “dangerous loss of composure during live range training,” and that he displayed an “inability to manage personal stress.” Independence Deputy Chief, Jim Polk wrote that neither “…time, nor training, will be able to change or correct these deficiencies.” Despite that scathing review, the Cleveland Police Department proceeded with hiring Loehmann without even reviewing his files during a background check even though they were fully available. And now it seems the entire Cleveland Police Department may be embroiled in a cover up scandal. The justification for Loehmann firing was that he could not make out if there was a red tip (indicating the gun was a toy) when he confronted Rice. The Sunday following his death, the Cleveland Police held a press conference showing the gun and the missing tip to bolster the claims of the officer’s actions. Detective Jennifer Ciacca who acted as a spokesperson for the department stated the “orange tip” was missing and “the police learned the gun was fake after the shooting.” The problem for the department and Loehmann is that Tamir Rice was shot so quickly the gun was never in view of the officer. This is corroborated by the video. Now it appears for the third time in a few short months another grand jury may be called to determine if an indictment will happen. Will the third time be a charm and an officer finally held accountable for the death of a citizen? The evidence seems clear-cut and a slam dunk for any prosecuter. But as we’ve learned recently, video and facts alone aren’t enough for justice to be served.


GOP Congressional Staffer Resigns After Tacky Social Media Comments About President Obama’s Daughters


An otherwise slow political news weekend got real when Elizabeth Lauten, a GOP staffer to Tennessee Congressman Stephen Lincher, found herself the latest victim of hasty social media posts. Lauten commented on an image of First Daughters, Sasha and Malia’s demeanor at a turkey pardoning ceremony. In all fairness, memes across the Internet and Instagram poked fun at the otherwise disinterested looks on the girls’ faces. But let’s be honest, what teenager enjoys having to stand around and listen to their father speak at work? Not many. But Lauten, who was listed as Communications Director for Fincher, criticized everything from their bored looks, inappropriate outfits better suited to a bar and scolded them for not being respectful of their father’s position. She then took it to a whole other level by saying they should “show a little class,” and then sympathizing with their lack of good role models since their “…mother and father don’t respect their positions very much…” After that, the comments went viral and come Monday morning she had resigned (likely forced out of) her position. But the bigger questions are, why do grown men and women feel it appropriate to critique children? Where was this communications director’s PR training done? Since when are underage children of politicians fair game for this type of attack? And why does it seem more and more that the levels to which the Obamas are criticized are nastier than anything we’ve seen with past Presidents? And while no one is arguing Elizabeth Lauten’s right to freely express her thoughts and opinions, she might have taken her own advice and shown some class by keeping quiet.


NeNe Puts The Nail In The Coffin On Friendship With Cynthia

2014-12-01 01.16.13When it comes to talk of Cynthia and Kenya, these ladies have nothing positive to say about either. A relaxing day at the spa where NeNe, Porsha and Kandi treated Phaedra to help her get her mind off the drama that is Apollo turned into a tea-spilling soiree about the shadiness of Bailey and Moore. Porsha got it poppin’ when she quite accurately re-enacted her encounter with Cynthia. Cynthia clearly was trying to serve something but it just made her look childish and lame. She even commented on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that after seeing it play out that in hindsight she might have behaved differently. When later asked if she misses her friendship with Leakes, Cynthia admits to missing the good times. NeNe, on the other hand, has no chill for nostalgia and told the group of ladies she missed her at first but has moved on and will never be friends with her again. When talk turns to Kenya, Kandi tries to get the ladies to see how they may have been wrong about the trouble-making former beauty queen in light of Apollo’s apology. The look of disgust on the faces said it all. Not only do they not feel sorry for her, NeNe went so far as to express she doesn’t believe Apollo and feels his apology was a way to hurt Phaedra. Let’s not forget, as NeNe reminded in the previous episode, Kenya came at Apollo hard; calling him fine and jumping in the pool with him. Then, she implied some indiscretion had taken place via text. Clearly NeNe and the ladies agree that when she served that level 6 shade that Apollo turned up to a 10 it was a result of her own actions. Meanwhile, Claudia Jordan tries to confront Porsha on some imaginary drama that she feels is affecting her work environment. On that, Claudia needs a stadium because several seats just isn’t enough. And when she tries to offer herself as a mediator between Porsha and Kenya, Porsha let’s her know it’s not her business and ignores her altogether by hydrating herself with some Tom Ford (no ash here) lotion. The dynamics in the group certainly have changed. Cynthia is on the way out and Claudia is not being let in. But something tells us there may be some redemption in Kenya’s future… Just probably not with this group.