Surveillance Video Shows Officer Killing Twelve-Year-Old In Cleveland Park


A Cleveland, OH rookie police officer and his partner are on administrative leave after one fatally shoots a twelve-year-old. The incident took place Saturday afternoon after a 911 call was placed describing a young man in a park pulling out a gun and aiming it at passersby. The caller twice stated to the emergency operater that the gun was likely fake. However, that was not relayed to the officers that were dispatched to the scene. Footage released by the family shows the young boy, Tamir Rice, pointing and pulling a gun from his waistband. At the time the officers arrive on scene, Tamir is sitting on a table. A speeding patrol car pulls up to the scene and as the young boy stands, an officer shoots and kills him within 1-2 seconds. In a report, the officers claim they asked the youth three times to put his hands up. But the video shows that Tamir was on the ground after being shot a mere two seconds after the patrol car came to a stop. In light of the the recent grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case, it will be interesting to see how this investigation plays out. Some point to the failure of the 911 dispatcher to relay that the eye witness said twice the gun appeared to be fake or a toy. Others are questioning the veracity of the officers’ claim that the boy was asked three times to put his hands up when he was shot almost instantly upon arrival. But there are also those wondering why the child was behaving the way he was and why he was seemingly threatening people as they walked by. While a loss of life is never easy perhaps this will send dual messages of both a need of better training and education to the police department and parents.



Brandi And Cynthia Have Lost Friends And Fashion Sense As NeNe And Lisa Push Thru

2014-11-27 03.47.45

Arguably the two most popular Housewives shows in Bravo’s popular franchise are those of Atlanta and Beverly Hills. And with sky-high ratings for the Atlanta ladies and Lisa Vanderpump dominating two shows, the popularity of both just continue to rise. Like Beverly Hills star, Lisa, NeNe Leakes reigns supreme on her show and is the highest paid of any housewife. But as popular as the two are, this season has fans split on both ladies’ recent separations with their BFFs. But clearly, Boss ladies such as NeNe and Lisa can move on without a care in the world and be better off than before. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for former buddies, Cynthia and Brandi. While Brandi has been reduced to donning wigs and disguises and stalking an ex with cuckoo Kim, Lisa is carpooling Rolls Royce style with new bestie, Shiva Safai and diamond shopping along Rodeo Drive. The end to friendship contracts haven’t been too kind to Cynthia either. One of the perks of being a friend of Ms. Leakes is some style and fashion tips may rub off. But now Cynthia seems content to run around town looking as if she were styled by the Lil’ Rascals. Perhaps she was so upset at waiting an hour for a meeting with Porsha because it was cutting into her paper route time. Who can blame her if she has taken on an extra gig or two. While Nene is cashing Vegas and Broadway checks, Cynthia has to make sure Peter doesn’t drag Bar One and the Bailey Agency into the ground. Friendship with a Queen Bee certainly has its perks. Too bad Brandi and Cynthia didn’t realize this sooner.


Judge Gets It Right In Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubrey’s Court Case Over Daughter’s Hair

2014-11-25 22.02.36

While civil and racial unrest was breaking out in Ferguson, MO, in anticipation of whether a grand jury would indict officer Darren Wilson over the death of Michael Brown, bi-racial drama was playing itself out in Malibu. Halle Berry who seems to be leasing a suite down at the courthouse, took her baby daddy back to court. Now, a judge is already weighing Halle’s request to reduce Gabriel Aubrey’s monthly support from $16,000 to $3,800 but the actress is furious over recently proven actions. The Oscar winning actress claims Aubrey is deliberately trying to white-wash daughter Nahla’s dark side by chemically straightening and lightening her hair. The alleged hair assault occurred in August 2013 after Berry noticed damage and breakage in her daughter’s seemingly highlighted locks. When Aubrey denied, denied, denied, Halle took matters into her own hands. She may have gotten tips from her ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘ creator and friend, Shonda Rhimes, and took some hair from her daughter’s brush and sent it to a lab for confirmation. She was right, and at the court appearance, which she was absent from, her attorney argued that Nahla could face emotional and psychological damage from her father’s attempts to make her appear more white. The judge agreed and ordered that no changes be made to Nahla’s hair by either parent. Thank goodness the judge got it right or who knows what rioting might have occurred in the boulevards of Pacific Palisades.


Was EJ Johnson Attacked In The Mean Streets Of Beverly Hills..?

2014-11-19 18.12.38 Paparazzi and Stalkers beware; a slimmer EJ Johnson will let you have it with the quickness if you get out of line. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star appears to be letting some wannabe Kevin Hart look-a-like have it after getting too close for comfort. EJ posted the above collage to Instagram with the appropriate caption, ‘If you come for me you will get a Birkin to the face.’ Fool is the mini-man that tries it with this Johnson. But before y’all start googling and digging for filed police reports, it seems this was all in fun and games for an upcoming episode of Kevin Hart’s Real Hollywood Husbands. But we’re not sure if Kevin was acting or truly scared. The look on his face says he will never be caught in them streets on the wrong side of EJ’s Hermès.


Kenya Moore Is Ready To Resurrect Her 1990s Acting Career

2014-11-16 23.10.52

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore sits down with her good friend Brandon to talk about getting her life back on track. Now, we haven’t seen much of Miss Brandon since his beat down at the hands of Apollo. And the Queen must’ve had a flashback because when Kenya asked if he would attend Cynthia and Patricia’s party, he tensed up in his emotions and said no. Moore foolishly thinks it’s because Apollo might have been there. But after seeing his “sister” dragged across the stage at last year’s reunion, Brandon probably realized this A-town crew has no chill for #TeamTwirl. He quickly changes the topic to her getting back into work mode and producing or adding to the 101 sitcom gigs on her resume… Say what, now? Someone please show us the receipts for these 100 plus gigs. Maybe 100 Smooth Magazine covers but tv shows? Girl, bye. It gets more uncomfortable to watch as the two start one of their corny off-the-cuff, a capella tunes (Really, Bitch) about Porsha. The former beauty queen tried to be funny by calling out Porsha’s wig in comparison to her own natural locks and suggested she mop the floor with one of those pieces. Really…? Why would Porsha clean the floor with her own wig when it’s already Spic n’ Span from dragging Kenya? With Apollo going to jail and Porsha working on radio shows, hair lines, etc., if this is the best storyline Moore can come up with, it may be her farewell season.


Feel Fabulous Friday: How To Update A Signature Scent

Screenshot_2014-11-14-16-16-07 Not everyone has one but everyone should. What is it? A signature scent, instantly recognizable to others yet unique and mysterious to the individual wearer. If you’re one of the fortunate one’s, you discovered your signature perfume at an early age. Or, perhaps your mother, father or young sweetheart presented you something that has withstood the test of time. If not, don’t worry, there are a bevy of classic and new fragrances throughout the world just waiting to become yours for ever more. Our own divaD has been spritzing various incarnations of Guerlain’s Shalimar for decades now; always layered over the body lotion or cream, his varied uses of the Eau du Cologne, Eau du Toilette and Perfumes have always been the starting point of his ever evolving style. “When I was younger it was always the cologne in spring and summer and the toilette in fall and winter,” he gushes. Laughing out loud, “I wore it so much a friend who owned a restaurant went home to his wife and the first thing she asked him was, ‘how’s divaD?’ It was then I realized the power and magic of one’s own scent.” To his point, a perfume is both a calling card and part of one’s style. “It announces your presence when entering a room and lingers as a reminder when you’ve gone,” he adds. But many wonder if we are constantly updating our fashion, makeup, hair, etc. to stay current, shouldn’t we do that with our fragrance? “Of, course,” divaD shouts. Then whispering, “Listen, I’ll go to the grave wearing a base of Shalimar. But to stay modern I’ll layer anything from Chanel Eau Premiere to Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu. Adding a bit of something modern easily updates a classic… but underneath, it’s still you.” So there you have it, once you’ve found the scent to live and die in, don’t be afraid to welcome a guest or two over time. As divaD puts it, “Your signature scent is like your wife or husband. And when you want a bit of fun, invite in a new scented lover… Flings come and go but your spouse should be forever.”


The Kardashian Klan Is Quick To Clapback On Naya Rivera’s Diss

2014-11-12 23.45.30 As expected, the Jean-Paul Goude photos of Kim Kardashian West for Paper Magazine have created quite a stir. And while the Internet may not be broken, Kim K Superstar is sure to break records for the most polarizing comments. The vast majority of which have come from news outlets or fans, followers, haters, etc. from social media. But fool is the celebrity that dares comment out loud about anyone in the Kardashian Klan. Enter Naya Rivera. Full disclosure — I didn’t know who she was until I remembered NeNe Leakes mentioning she was a co-star on Glee during an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apparently, she has been impersonating Kim for years. And Jonathan Cheban was quick to remind her with a swift repost of the above pic. The lifetime Kardashian friend even went so far as to reference a song by Naya’s ex bae, Big Sean, by titling the post, “I (We) don’t fuck with you.” Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion but Rivera’s dig that Kim should remember she’s a mother was a little below the belt. Meanwhile, Kim and the rest of her family and friends are more popular than ever. Who can blame Naya for wanting a piece of that…


Kim Kardashian Debuts Her Artistic Side On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

2014-11-12 10.34.16

The internet is all abuzz over a couple of Kim kardashian’s recent Internet posts. The E! Reality star and Mobile App Mogul shared her cover and photographs for New York’s Paper Magazine’s Winter edition. The images, shot by legendary photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, show Kim in a slinky sequin dress self filling a champagne flute resting on her posterior. Another captures the famous derrièr in all its glory as Kardashian drops her dress. Underneath both is the cheeky caption, “…Break The Internet”. The newly married mother of North West is clearly having fun in the pics and seems to be taking control of her image and how she wants to present herself. Instantly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram comments both criticized and celebrated the photos. They drop just days after a photo of her carrying an Hermès bag painted by Baby North was posted to her accounts. The ever stylish mother and Kanye appeared to be out on the town while she carried her “favorite bag”. The photos show the multipe sides to an ever evolving superstar. One, the sexy pinup that seemingly launched her into internet fame. Another, the softer side that encourages and praises the talents of her daughter. And finally a woman who clearly has a sense of humor and can be elusive and accessible at the same time. The internet may not break but she’s sure to break some hearts along the way.


World Leaders Behaving Badly: Obama And Putin Offend In China

2014-11-11 22.49.30

President Obama and Vladimir Putin received low marks this week when it comes to interational diplomacy. The two world leaders attended a banquet and firework celebration in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The economic summit was the largest welcoming of world leaders to Beijing since the 2008 Olympics. So important was it to the ruling party that China be seen in a positive light, the nation embarked on a months long campaign to remind citizens of proper and polite behavior. However, during the televised event the biggest offenders (at least in the eyes of the Chinese) were the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations. Obama first ruffled feathers when arriving at the event in a US state vehicle instead of one of the red limos provided and used to ferry the other diplomats and dignitaries. But it was his gum chewing entrance that raised the most eyebrows. The act was seen as disrespectful at worst and unbecoming at best. Meanwhile, Putin received equally, if not lower, marks for “flirting” with the Chinese  Premier’s wife, Ping. After placing a coat over her shoulders, Xi Jinping’s wife shook it off quicker than one of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends. Most in the international diplomatic world will see these acts as harmless faux pas. Obama should be forgiven as the gum, after all, was the popular Nicorette to help curb his smoking. As for Putin, let’s give the recently divorced President a break… His player moves are clearly a bit rusty.


Nicki Minaj Angers And Offends With Nazi Referencing Video

2014-11-10 20.26.50

Nicki Minaj is catching some major backlash after the video of her latest track Only hit the internet. The imagery is eerily reminiscent of Nazi and Fascist Propaganda in the run up to World War II. Immediately, tweets directed at both Minaj and director, Jeff Osbourne, criticizing both for the insensitivity of their “artistic” freedom. The video is startling to say the least. With iconography that invokes memories of the swastika emblazoned on Minaj’s cartoon, uniformed military marching in service to one supreme leader, and the promotion of tanks, rifles, gas masks and the like, causes one to ask, “What PR team approved this?” Minaj, who has been heavily criticized for ripping off Lil’ Kim’s style, appears to have taken a page from the books of the punk movement and Michael Jackson’s HIStory album promotion. While one would be hard-pressed to believe Nicki condones or is promoting the violence that led to the Holocaust, her decision to do something in this style should be questioned. The only good thing that has come from this is that people are being reminded of a fairly recent historical atrocity that should never be repeated; neither in real or artistic form.