Irucci Irina Hollywood Fashion Show Stuns

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Armenian fashion designer, Irucci Irina, staged a fashion show unlike any other in recent memory this past week in Hollywood. Known for her unique and avant garde designs, the designer was celebrated on the red carpet by her peers, fashion followers, entertainers and none other than Max Azria (BCBG, Herve Leger) himself. If it’s one thing Armenians know how to do is put on a great show. Before the models even hit the runway there was an opera singer, classic dance couple and an Australian Pop Star. But the true head turners were the stunning looks. Noteworthy were the unique swimwear looks, a blown up daisy print dress, black sleeveless blouse with white ruffles and a gorgeous black and white gown with red fur detail. Television host, Tanya Young Williams hit the red carpet in an Irucci design and has been a long time supporter of the designer and raved to USArmenia Network about the unique and red carpet ready looks. And many guests were overheard taking notes on the pieces they liked and would wear to Paris, Capri and the next event. At a time when fashion can seem like the same old thing year after year, it was refreshing to see someone go all out and over the top with fashions that are actually wearable. Watch out Max, Irucci has arrived!



Three Houston Police Officers Tackle And Handcuff Seventy Pound Girl For Using Cell Phone In Class

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The investigation into three police officers who wrestled a 70 pound, Houston teenage girl to the ground is still under way. However, after viewing the footage, many are calling into question what seems to be an excessive amount of force. Ixel Perez had been using her mobile phone during class against school policy and was sent to the hallway. According to the young student, she was in conversation with her mother who has health issues. Once in the hall, the student was approached by three police officers who demanded she turn over the phone. When she refused, the officers tackled her to the ground and handcuffed her with one subduing her with his knee on her head. Though it is true the student was using the phone against school rules, the level of force used by the three men is disturbing. Why didn’t the officers simply escort her to the principals office for reprimand? Why would they choose to “arrest” her for breaking a policy, not a law? And why was there no female officer on hand to assist with the situation at that school? The school district released a statement on behalf of the school:

“The safety of our students at Sam Houston High School and of all our schools is always our absolute top priority. The HISD police department and the school’s administration are continuing their investigations of what led to the detainment of a female student…”

It appears the only ones the students need to feel safe from are those charged with protecting them. Ixel and her mother say she will not return to the school and are currently looking to transfer.


Ray J Turns Up On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

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Yassss Gawd…! It looks like that sex tape done finally paid off for ol’ Ray J. He has finally hit pay dirt by getting himself cast in his own reality show. ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood,’ the latest in the VH1 franchise, features the ‘I Hit It First‘ singer along with current bae, Princess and former girlfriend, Teairra. Of all the LHH shows, this actually has male rappers and singers most people have actually heard of. And the women: Teddy Riley’s daughter, a strip club and real estate heiress, and the rest appear to be a class above their series’ counterparts. As usual, it’s difficult to determine which category Ray J. falls into. But only two episodes in and Brandy’s little sister is already up to his bish-azz behavior. After being confronted by former flame, Teairra, about her missing belongings, Ray J’s current lady, Princess throws shade and instigates an argument. Upset that ish went down at a party to promote his new website (seriously?) and potentially cost him investors, the sex tape star brings a box of Teairra’s belongings to her tattoo removal party and dumps them on the floor in front of her frenemies, Morgan and Hazel E. Yes honey, it seems that Ray J still likes to mix it up with the chicks… This should make for an interesting first season.


Rihanna And RocNation Let CBS Know Who Really Runs The Town After Network Pulls Track

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Rihanna pushed back hard after CBS pulled her ‘Run This Town’ track from the debut of Thursday Night Football. The network had announced earlier in the month that the Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye West collaboration would be the lead in track to Thursday night’s games with voice overs from Don Cheadle. However, amid the Ray Rice abuse scandal, some questioned the use of the track due to Rihanna’s prior abuse at the hands of Chris Brown. Instead of the music, CBS decided to take on a more news-type tone with commmentary about the recent abuse scandals within the NFL. Days later, Rihanna shot back with a tweet, “Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this.” And it was at that point things became very clear. While CBS can be applauded for raising awareness of abuse with their commentary, the decision to no longer use Rihanna’s music specifically for the reason that she was a victim of abuse is a classic blame the victim move. Had the NFL released a statement in support of the artist and how she has moved beyond the abuse to do bigger and better things, it would have gone a long way in helping to repair the leagues image. Instead, by choosing not to use the music, for which Rihanna would subsequently receive payment and publicity, the league has chosen to, in effect, penalize her for the abuse she suffered and for that of the Ray Rice situation. Rihanna, justifiably upset tweeted, “The audacity…” as the network decided to “slide it back in this week.” However, according to a release from CBS, the network will not be using the song at all. Why? It seams that RocNation, which owns the rights to the track, has no longer made the track available. Whether it was at Rihanna’s insistence, is not clear, but the decision to rescind the rights of usage is one of the very few decisions by a company in recent months that actually shows support for the true victims of domestic violence.


Nicki Minaj Shaded by Alma Mater

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The shade between Nicki Minaj and her alma mater just got real. This past Thursday, Minaj attempted to imply, via Twitter no less, that the principal of New York’s Fiorello H. La Guardia High declined her request to come back and speak to the students. According to one of the tweets, the Anaconda rapper alleges,

“I wanted to go back to my HS and speak to the students, but the new principal declined. No need for me to inspire them, I guess. … That school changed my life and I wanted to pay it forward to the students there now. I was really looking forward to it.” 

Typically in situations like these, the school, college or university would reach out to a former student. But judging by these tweets,  Minaj decided that she was either going to get an invite one day or one had gotten lost in the mail so she, Roman or one of the other personalities, invited herself. Shocked, that the offer would be rebuffed, she took to social media to air her imaginary grievances. It seemed to be gaining a fair amount of sympathy until the New York Department of Education released its own statement. The district stated that former students are always welcome but that reality show film crews are not allowed on school property. HOLD THE PHONE (in my Michel’le voice)! So this bish wanted to pay it forward by filming for a reality type program. Come on now, how you gonna pay it forward if you already expecting something on the back end…?


Momma Dee’s Tooth Grants Exclusive Rickey Smiley Interview: Why He Jumped And What’s Next

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Momma Dee’s ‘I Deserve’ has been steadily scratching and clawing its way… trying to get to the charts, when the reality star turned gospel singer was upstaged at a recent performance. Preparing for a soulful rendition of her singular track, Scrappy’s momma opened her mouth to start when one of the most integral parts of her “band” jumped ship. Her front tooth just up and left his post. Being the experienced performer she is, Momma snatched him back, walked it off and convinced him the show must go on before putting him in his place. Then, in his first, and likely last interview on the subject, Tooth opened up to morning radio host, Rickey Smiley. Tooth explained, when asked why he left, that he just “wanted to see what else was out there” and quickly reminded Smiley that he is only there on a temporary basis. Indeed, Tooth later admitted that he thought they were done for the night and so he just left. He did have some nice things to say about the mouth he inhabited and that aside from the occasional smoke, it’s an alright place to reside. As Smiley asked what was up next for him, a brief interruption quieted the room. Many wondered if it was the wrath of Momma Dee coming for him but it turned out to be a mere flossing incident. But Tooth did let Smiley know that next on his horizon was another live performance. As the background music and vocals began, Tooth ended the interview.


Janay Rice Releases Emotional Instagram Statement After Husband Released From Baltimore Ravens


2014-09-09 18.37.52Janay Rice has had one tumultuous year. After having to endure the horrific abuse in a casino elevator earlier in the year at the hands of her then fiancé, Ray Rice, she is now having to deal with the news her husband is no longer a Baltimore Raven. When news broke that Ray had been arrested after a domestic dispute at Revel Casino this past February, many were shocked and disappointed at the circumstances. An argument in the elevator with Janay had taken a turn for the worse and video surveillance showed Ray Rice dragging an unconscious woman through the doors. That initial video release sparked outrage and demands for severe punishment of the running back. The fine and two game suspension seemed to add insult to injury and many in the media reacted with dismay. However, with teammates rallying behind him and his now wife speaking out on his behalf, the story eventually began to lose steam. That was until TMZ got a hold of the elevator footage and released that Monday 8 September. What it showed was so much more graphic and startling than anyone could imagine. The aggressiveness of the blow from Ray to Janay was difficult to watch. In fact many, that had initially come out in support of the couple admitted to being sickened by what they witnessed. Within hours, Ray Rice was released from his contract and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Janay Rice released an emotional statement on her Instagram account:

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that [the] media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass [off] for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific.

“THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!” 

While the couple have been in therapy since the incident, this will be an additional test of their relationship. And while many hope this is the last time something like this happens within their marriage, studies overwhelmingly show when abuse happens once, it is more likely than not to happen again.