Sherri Shepherd’s “Baby Mama” Is Reportedly Due Any Day

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Sherri Shepherd’s surrogate is due any day, according to estranged husband, Lamar Sally. Shepherd and Sally have been involved in a heated custody battle over a baby that has yet to be born. In happier times (at least, that’s how Lamar would describe them) the couple entered into a surrogacy program. However, as things soured in their relationship, Sherri reportedly felt as though the man she married was interested in her purely for monetary gain. It appears her fears may have some merit as her soon to be ex is petitioning for sole custody with limited visitation. This is an attempt, Sherri believes, to shake her down for child support. But it’s now being reported that since the egg used for the fertilization was a donor egg,  the former View host feels she should not bear any financial responsibility whatsoever. It’s shaping up to be quite the battle with both filing separately for divorce in states sympathetic to their respective legal views; her in New Jersey and he in California. And though the couple was married in Sherri’s hometown of Chicago, they’ve been residents of New Jersey for over a year. One wonders what state they entered into the surrogacy contract and if that will somehow be a determining factor in their legal fight. Friends close to Shepherd imply she caught on to what she believed was her husband’s plot to fleece her pockets not long after the “I do’s”. There are also rumors that she has made financial arrangements to prevent Lamar from grabbing a chunk of her funds. Lamar, on the other hand, is looking at ways he may have their prenuptial agreement nullified. But one thing that gets lost in all these Shepherd/Sally Shenanigans is the caring for of the soon to be born child. Hopefully the two can work something out for the benefit of the child. Its been a tough year for Shepherd who was reportedly fired from ‘The View’. But at the end of the day, if you sign on the dotted line that you want have a baby via surrogate, you should be man or woman enough to support it.



ESPN Suspends Stephen Smith After Controversial Abuse Remarks

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ESPN anchor Stephen Smith received a one week suspension Tuesday after controversial remarks following the Ray Rice suspension. The remarks made on the Friday airing of ‘First Take’ seemed to suggest that part of the blame for the situation regarding the Ravens running back and his girlfriend may lie with her. Specifically, cautioning women to not do things that can “provoke wrong actions”. That comment along with others was swiftly condemned by men and women alike. When Smith returned to air Tuesday he immediately apologized for his comments stating that it wasn’t his “intent” to imply women bear responsibility for abuse. Despite the apology, ESPN announced the sports analyst would suffer a one week suspension and would not return to tv or radio until the following Wednesday. The sports network should be applauded for showing an intolerance for the suggestion that women bear responsibility in domestic abuse cases. It shows they are taking the opportunity to finally put the blame squarely where it belongs; on the abuser. Stephen Smith, men should never put their hands on a woman. PERIOD!


Court Rules Tax Fraud Case Against Barcelona Futbol Star Lionel Messi May Proceed

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First, the Argentine and his home team lose to Germany in the World Cup Finals. Now, a court in Spain has ruled that the tax evasion case against Lionel Messi and his father, Jorge Horacio Messi, may proceed. Now thats a rough summer. The case hinges on the fact the elder Messi who was in charge of his son’s finances created a complex web of shell companies for the sole purpose of evading taxes. Messi already made payment in the amount of €5 million, the amount of unpaid taxes. Prosecutors argued the charges should now be dropped. However, the court ruled there is significant evidence that shows Lionel Messi should or could have known about the fraud. Considering all the financial issues the country of Spain has gone through in the past years, it’s clear the court may be attempting to make an example of the futbol star to deter others from the same practices. A hefty fine could follow if the Tax Office and State Prosecutor’s Office allow the case to go to trial and the Messi’s are convicted. But don’t feel too bad for the soccer star. According to Forbes, Messi is the fourth highest paid sports star in the world with an annual haul of over $60 million… He’ll be alright.


BLOOP! NeNe Leakes Debuts Clothing Line on HSN And Has a Sell-Out Performance!

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BAM! Say what you want about the #SoNastyAndSoRude Real Housewife of Atlanta, but if Ne Ne Leakes was very rich last season, she us VERY, VERY RICH now! We knew it was coming and tonight NeNe debuted her clothing line on HSN. Being the fashionista that I am I’d like to say I was surprised at the fashions presented. But, honey this is NeNe Leakes we’re talking about so something told me it would be fabulous…AND IT WAS. Not only were the styles chic and on trend, but the prices were off the charts. Add to that the diva’s ability to relate and have fun with the models and callers and this launch had success written all over it. One style sold over 20,000 units and there were many more sell-outs in the two hours she was on. Mrs. Leakes is well on her way to true Fashion Diva status. And while I really hope she returns to Real Housewives of Atlanta next season something tells me she will be good with or without it. Congratulations, NeNe!


Shelly Sterling Scores Major Legal Victory In Fight To Sell L.A. Clippers

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Shelly Sterling scored a MAJOR victory in her probate case against her husband, Donald. While he was busy trying to explain away his racist comments in the V Stiviano debacle, Shelly was busy finding a buyer and subsequently striking a deal to sell the team. But before that all went down, she had not one, but two Doctors determine that her husband was not mentally fit to handle their family trust. The trust in question, which both Shelly and Donald have 50% stakes, is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and apparently had a sanity clause which Shelly took full advantage of. Once she got the medical determination that her man wasn’t fit to do business on behalf of the trust she found a buyer for $2 BILLION dollars! Donald, being the litigious fool that he is, tried to challenge and revoke the trust. Unfortunately, it was a day late and a couple billion dollars short. The action also just helps to confirm the fact that he’s crazy. What today’s ruling means is that Shelly can move forward with the sale after the ten day appeal process and barring any injunctions Donald’s legal team has promised to file. Bust something tells me when all is said and done, Shelly Sterling will be VERY rich. Somewhere in L.A. Stiviano is in her Bentley raising that shade thinking, “Damn, I was fu@kin’ the wrong one!”


Lil’ Mo Reacts To Chanté Moore’s Faith Evans Moment On R & B-List Divas Los Angeles

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The look on Lil’ Mo’s face said it all last week on the second episode of R & B Divas, Los Angeles. Now remember last week when I told you not to trust anyone matching shirts and eyeshadow? Well, once again Chanté Moore showed up in her confessional with a complementary eye shade to her ice blue top. Right then and there I knew old girl was gonna bring the drama. After asking Lil’ Mo, Chrisette Michelle and Leelah James to collaborate on her “I Know, Right” anthem (what about Michel’le and Claudette… I know, right) she invites them to the studio to basically perform backup. Chrisette Michelle was the first to call out the “no shade but are you throwing shade” moment. Both she and Lil’ Mo clearly recalled being asked to do more than just back up the aging R & B-List Diva. Mo hit the nail on the head when she suggested it was an attempt to use their names without having to do much else, i.e., writing or publishing credits. The vibe was somewhat salty and Moore quickly ended the session early. Of course, not before getting something recorded from all the ladies. It may seem slight but once one feels you’ve come at them left or sideways there is no going back. Especially with this group of ladies. Let’s see if Chanté can do a quick sashay and bring her anthem back on track. However, something in Lil’ Mo’s face says she already knows the answer… and it ain’t right. 


Apollo Admits To Trying To Have Sex With Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore

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The truth has finally surfaced in the Apollo, Kenya and Phaedra triangle. According to sources, at a taping for the upcoming season Apollo finally admitted he was the one who approached Kenya Moore for sex. Specifically, text messaging to try to set up a sexual rendezvous. However, after Kenya outed the behavior he lied to cover it up. The admission has apparently been caught on camera at Bar One and featured both Kenya and Apollo. Apollo Nida is reportedly trying to make amends with those he has hurt before going to prison. It’s no surprise he reached out to the former beauty queen after commenting in a recent interview that his marriage probably wouldn’t survive. After the confession Nida and Moore hugged it out. No word yet on if Kenya plans to put some money on Apollo’s book.


Are Apollo and Phaedra Calling It Quits? Will They Return To Real Housewives Of Atlanta Before Apollo Heads To Prison?

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Apollo Nida seems to be on a media tour in the months before heading to prison. The husband of reality star Phaedra parks was convicted of bank fraud and has been sentenced to 8 years in prison. But before he is taken off to the big house, he’s been giving interviews and was recently spotted with his wife and a camera crew in Atlanta. So it appears fans and viewers won’t be disappointed when the Atlanta Housewives and Funk box, Kenya Moore return. If it’s true the two are filming for the next season, it should make for some very good Reality TeaV. Especially when listening to some of the comments Nida is making in interviews. When asked if his marriage would survive Apollo responded, “I doubt it.” He also admitted to being “salty” at his wife for not showing up to his sentencing. But let’s be clear, Phaedra may have represented Bobby Brown back in the day but she ain’t gonna act a fool for her man like Whitney. Many wonder why Apollo is speaking out at all and others question if this bit of reality should even be shown on the highest rated show in the Bravo Housewives franchise. Perhaps these are paid interviews and Nida is trying to get in as many as he can to pay the two million dollars in restitution a judge recently ordered. And something tells me the couple probably negotiated an increase in their pay to capture Nida’s last month’s as a free man. But now it looks like Phaedra may have quit the show altogether. Whether on camera for Housewives of Atlanta or giving interviews, Apollo will definitely be “entertaining” us in the next few months.


Sharon Stone Challenges The Idea Of Ultimate Beauty And Youth

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Sharon Stone, the seemingly ageless actor who first caught our attention over two decades ago in Basic Instinct, shares her views on beauty this week on OWN. Now at age 56 and looking better than ever, she wants it known that she is happy being a woman and has no desire to be a girl. It’s a direct challenge to the media and societal portrayal of beauty as being exclusive to youth. She asks, “Don’t we have goals… don’t we want to be men and women?” She also challenges the notion of a specific age or time when a woman is at her ultimate beauty, and that, in her mind, there is no such time. It’s refreshing to hear some on who has been celebrated for her looks being open and frank about the topic. You can catch more of this conversation Sunday 27 July on “Oprah’s Master Class” with Sharon Stone on OWN, 10.00 pm EST.


San Diego Police Department Accused Of Getting To Frisky In Local Strip Club

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The San Diego Police Department is in hot water after an incident at a local strip club. Under the guise of a regulatory inspection, a multitude of officers busted into the Cheetahs strip club and shuffled the female dancers into the back. While officers do have the right to check identification cards and photograph distinctive tattoos for future reference, the attorney filing suit in behalf of the ladies claims the search went too far. It is alleged the women were held for hours against their will while scantily clad. Throughout their ordeal, the strippers claim they were forced to strip down (some claiming to nothing) and pose suggestively while officers made derogatory and demeaning comments. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, also alleges that since the officers were not investigating a crime, they unlawfully subjected the women to an illegal search and seizure without probable cause, violating their fourth ammendment rights. To top it off, the attorney is also citing a new paparazzi law that states no one can stop or pursue someone to take pictures against their will; even the police.  Within a month of the incident a complaint was filed on behalf of thirty female employees. However, not long after, the club claims the city responded in a retaliatory matter by claiming failed inspections and serving a notice of intent to revoke the dance spot’s license. As the case heads to court, news and media outlets reached out to the San Diego Police Department for comment. Not surprisingly, no officers were available… Perhaps they were out making it rain somewhere else.