Beyoncé Shows Jennifer Lopez How to Rock Versace on Her On The Run Tour!

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All of a sudden Versace is everywhere. It’s like a Notorious Big moment and stars from Beyoncé, Rihanna, the Kardashians and more are sporting oversized, loud 90s reinterpretations of the styles that put Versace on more than a decade ago. Truth be told, the major fashion house had been in a bit of a decline after the murder of its founder, Gianni Versace. His sister, Donatella, for a while was more of a hindrance than help but every so often showed the technique and style that made the house one of the largest in the mid to late 1990s. But at the point of almost no return the brilliance of the marketing team to bring in Lady Gaga as the face of the brand breathed new life and reintroduced Versace to a younger crowd. Fast forward to summer 2014 and the Queen B and J.Lo are sporting major Versace looks in tour. Personally, I’m not so into the over exaggerated logos but prefer the more subtle runway looks. As I write this I’m sporting a denim short and top look from Summer 2014 runway that I picked up on a recent trip to Venice. The above looks, however, are equal parts fabulous and frightening. Beyoncé definitely did it right. Jennifer, on the other hand, is a vision of middle-aged desperation trying to reignite that jungle dress moment from years past. Versace, as old as the house is, is for the young. If you’re pushing 50 it’s probably not a good idea to rock the patterned bodysuits. Especially, with flesh colored fishnets. This ‘Bitch Stole My Look’ moment goes to Beyoncé. J.Lo is gorgeous… but this just makes her look like she’s trying to prove she can find another Casper.


Robin Thicke Takes His ‘I’m Begging You Please Take Me Back, Paula’ On a Press Tour

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Robin Thicke sat down with Ryan Seacrest and family friend, Ellen Kay, for a listening session to his latest album release, Paula. Ever since he was caught in a marital indiscretion, the younger Mr. Thicke has been trying hard to win his high school sweetheart back. And while I applaud the efforts to make this right, do we really want to listen to a chronology of what went wrong, why, I’m sorry, take me back set to acoustics? Surely, a lot of women find the begging sexy and are seeking out their cheating exes to let them know this is how they could have won back their love. Personally, I like a little bit of musical happiness mixed in with the misery. And though I haven’t heard the album yet it seems like the type fit for drunken lonely candlelit nights. When it comes to his wife, will it and should it work? Only time will tell. But as fine and good looking as Thicke is, if Paula leaves him out in the cold it won’t take long to find someone to help him pick up the pieces.


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Tanya Young Williams Holds Nothing Back – This Week Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Jeremy Meeks and Hank and Kendra Were All in the Hot Seat!

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Tanya Young Williams is on fire! Her new Webshow on is garnering more and more viewers per week. And with topics like this week’s she is sure to lure more to her channel, Etc., Etc., Etc. On the anniversary of the tragic loss of Michael Jackson, the conversation started off light. She shared her insights from the trials of Dr. Murray and his Mother’s fight in the wrongful death suit. But things got heated up quick when her co-hosts, Tia Rudd and yours truly chatted about some of the week’s top stories. From my #MCM Jeremy Meeks to the drama with Kendra and Hank and his London Transgender sexcapade there were a lot of open mouths and raised eyebrows. But child, when Ms. Williams went in deep on R. Kelly’s own Transgendered issues with his daughter/son, I had to take a couple more sips of my Gin Tonic to cope. Find out what we all had to say by logging on to And tune in next Wednesday at 10:00 EST and 7:00 PST because when we spill the tea it’s spiked with whiskey!


Ladies of London: Viscountess Hinchingbrooke in Limo Ride From Hell

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So, we finally got to meet the true Lady of London, Julie Montagu. Lady Hinchingbrooke hails from Sugar Grove, Illinois but is married to Luke Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke and heir to the Earl of Sandwich. Unfortunately, all those titles were of no help during an extremely awkward limo ride. Instantly relatable to Americans, she reminisced with Juliet about shopping at Target. And while the two share a love of good old fashioned American shopping trips, the similarities end there.  Being a Lady requires a certain level of public decorum and a loud agument between Juliet and Caprice in a limo certainly isn’t appropriate. Poised, Julie politely avoided the back seat shenanigans. But the look on her face was like, “What have I gotten myself into, I’m in line to the throne!” Hopefully, the rest of the “ladies” behave after she extends an invitation to the estate… Don’t hold your breath.

Sexy Mugshot May Find This Convicted Felon Guilty of Breaking Hearts


Mugshot and felony record be damned… The general consensus is that this smooth criminal is fine. The Stockton, California Police Department’s Facebook page has been getting a lot of hits, likes and comments ever since Jeremy Meeks’ mug hit the page. And judging from the comments, plenty of women and quite few gays may be ditching their Match.Com and eHarmony accounts. I mean, what’s a little gun possession charge when the man is as fine as this. Something tells me the arraignment will be full of eligible suitors ready and willing to post bond and post up for this hottie. But be warned, that tatted neck and teardrop ain’t for the movies. Reality Tv, quite possibly. In fact, word on the curb is Kenya Moore is getting $2.50 ready to put on his book as down payment for him being her new storyline on Housewives of Atlanta.


Topless Photo Scandal Hits L.A. Basketball Wife Jackie Christie

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The drought in California is causing some mad thirst, child. Just when you thought the VH1 reality show drama couldn’t get any lower than Mimi’s porn tape, the West Coast representin’ Jackie Christie leaks a topless photo on InstaGram. On the heels of compliments and support for being tone of the last wives standing in the Basketball Wives Franchise, Mrs. Christie appears to have taken the ratchetness to a new level. Now, in all fairness the picture looks like a practice selfie and is reminiscent of what a muppet might look like in a Playboy spread. So, I would have to believe it was resultant of a hack because who in their right mind would let that version out. MILF quality it ain’t. Almost as soon as it hit the Gram it was taken down and Jackie went into “damage control”. She had been scheduled to appear on former Basketball Wives co-star, Tanya Young Williams’ new Webshow Etc., Etc., Etc. but that was quickly canceled by Jackie’s team. Time will tell if the leak helps pump up BBWLA ratings. But here’s hoping the beyond fifty set realize they can’t and shouldn’t try to compete… AT LEAST NOT LIKE THIS!


This Week on Etc., Etc., Etc. Tanya Young Williams Interviews Basketball Wife Jackie Christie

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Wednesday evenings just keep getting better. Tanya Young Williams’ new Webshow on helps us get over the Hump with fun and engaging interviews. And this week she has the original and last standing L.A. Basketball Wife, Jackie Christie. And by last standing I mean the last with the title wife. Tune in Wednesday at 10:00(EST)/7:00(PST) and catch all the tea and shade plus the deets on Jackie’s new book. Grab some wine or cocktail and enjoy the show!

Kandi’s Mama Joyce May Have Brought Backup But Sharon Didn’t Back Down!

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Kandi’s Mama may have called Sharon a hoe and a prostitute but one thing she’s not is a punk! For some reason, the soon to be newlyweds thought it would be a good idea to get the two mothers together for a dinner to get to know one another. Even Carmon knew better and slid out the back before another shoe could get dropped on her behind. Of course, Mama Joyce was rollin’ deep with her old lady gang. But backup proved inconsequential in this melee. As soon as Sharon began to defend her son Joyce got defensive, gave her the hand and told her to “shut the f#@k up.” Not backing down, Todd’s Mom proved she could bring the street and the heat by swatting away Joyce’s wagging finger and let her know she had “the wrong one now, b!tch…” Though she later apologized for using the b word, she left for the night with kind of swag reserved for boxers when they win by TKO. But the fight surely isn’t over. And while Joyce may have met her match this night, trust and believe, she is already in training for the rematch… #FixItJesus

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Tanya Young Williams Gets People Talking With Her New Webshow, ‘Etc., Etc., Etc.’

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I recently had the pleasure of joining TV personality and Legal Analyst, Tanya Young Williams as a guest co-host on her new and exciting Webshow, Etc., Etc., Etc. The weekly broadcast on is the latest and most interactive of her projects to date. The format allows viewers to tune in to live conversations between Tanya’s guests and commentary from the peanut gallery/panel of visiting co-hosts. The most recent being one in which she was able to speak with Narvell Benning on his confrontational experience with Janelle Ambrosia. He recently recorded the woman’s racist and disparaging comments and posted them on YouTube for all the world to see. It was an interesting way to look into the life and peacefulness of a man that was able to hold his composure while being taunted and ridiculed. Articulate, passionate and engaging, Ms. Williams spoke about how the experience changed him, made him different and how he planned to move forward from the ordeal. She also engaged her audience by asking questions posted in real-time. And though only in its third week, the increasing number of viewers is sure to make this show and it’s host a big hit. Congratulations, Tanya and make sure you tune in to Etc., Etc., Etc. airing Wednesdays on Spreecast @ 10 EST/7 PST.

Ladies of London?

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The title of Bravo’s latest show implies there will be some ladylike behavior. However, many of us yanks here stateside know this is just a Housewives of London in Emily Post clothing. Having traveled to London, Paris, Venice and Rome I’m well aware of how many Europeans perceive Americans to be a bit unpolished. Okay let’s face it, they (especially the English) think us loud, ill-mannered and just tacky. Part of it has to do with the behavior exhibited by the cast of American ex-pats in the first episode of LOL. A polo match proved to be the setting that made a clear distinction between the Brits (adopted Caprice included) and the Americans. Loud, inappropriately dressed and ignorant of many of the specifics of the match, the Americans elicited audible gasps from their English counterparts. Truth be told, I felt bad that none of the ladies rolling with Noelle mentioned that a hat at a polo match was simply not done.  But I was even more disappointed with the behavior of Clarice, Annabelle and Caroline. I mean how difficult would it have been to casually mention, “by the way, hats are worn at Ascot or races, not polo matches.” Instead they engaged in a bit of mean girl behavior with sarcastic and snarky comments. Meanwhile Marissa and Juliette seem determined to make it known they don’t want the drama surrounding Noelle’s relationship to in any way affect their social climbing. So the tone for the season has been set. And it seems by the end of it, very few, if any, of these women will be referred to as a lady.


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