Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Finally Get Hitched in Florence!

With some guests no-showing... others leaving early... and an angry former prince E! gets the drama filled ceremony it was looking for.

With some guests no-showing… others leaving early… and an angry former prince E! gets the drama filled ceremony it was looking for.

As I sit on the balcony of the room I’m staying in on Lido di Jesolo, Italy, I can’t believe the shenanigans surrounding the wedding of the year. Kimye and company touched down in Europe and have taken over the town of Florence with a lavish ceremony at the Forte di Belvedere. However, even before the event could get off the ground, the rumors regarding Beyoncé and Jay Z not attending created fodder and memes galore across the Internet and Instagram. The general consensus being the reigning King and Queen of Hip hop simply couldn’t be bothered. But the drama soon hit closer to home when brother, Rob Kardashian abruptly left the night before the ceremony in tears. No one knows what exactly went down but old boy hasn’t been too happy about all the negative attention surrounding his weight gain. We may never know the real reason Yoncè and Jay didn’t show but seeing how E! Entertainment pretty much has the entire Kardashian and Jenner clans (save Brody) on lock we should find out in a few months. But what we do know is that an obscure descendant of the original Italian Mafia Medici family has come out hating with gusto. Prince Ottaviano de’Medici di Toscana has slammed the usage of the fort his ancestors built for the lavish affair. Something about the many hundreds of thousands of Euros being paid is a cultural slander to the historical site. But being here in Italy and hearing so many complain about the dire economy makes me wonder if this guy doesn’t realize his country is broke. When states need to raise money they will pimp out their monuments, i.e., the Kardashian wedding party at Versailles. Let this be a warning to all countries struggling in the Eurozone… Get your coins together or be beholding to entertaining new money, C-list, American celebrities. That Kardashian Jenner clan is huge and there could be about twenty more first, second or third weddings on the horizon!


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Solange Scores First Hit in Years


Lawd, have mercy… What was going on in Solange’s head after the Met Ball last week. TMZ dropped a video bombshell with grainy footage of what appeared to be Beyoncé’s little sister tearing into Jay Z. Now the murmurs on the marble after the event were that Solange was definitely turned up upon entering the Standard Hotel after party. She apparently shouted in the direction of former BFF Rachel Roy and others, “Don’t mess with Solange.” After being one of the first to arrive the uneasy trio left after just 45 minutes. And upon entering the elevator all hell broke loose. One might assume that someone told lil’ girl to chill but she clearly was hearing Lil’ John’s Turn Down For What and went H-Town on Jay Z while Bey looked on. After hits, kicks, spitting and being subdued by security, Solange emerged and calmly left with her sister while Jay took another car. No word yet on if Solo will be babysitting while Mr. and Mrs. Carter start their appropriately titled On The Run Tour.


The Queen of Austria, Conchita Wurst Rises Like A Phoenix and Takes Eurovision

Conchita Wurst Bursts Out of the Closet and Into Eurovision History

Conchita Wurst Bursts Out of the Closet and Into Eurovision History

The results of the biggest talent competition are in and Austria’s Conchita Wurst is triumphant. Now when it comes to European television the only thing I regularly watch is the French Open. And that’s only to see Rafa Nadal (with his fine self) glide across the clay. To those who have come to know and love American Idol, Eurovision has been putting people on since the seventies; hello, ABBA! But this year Christina Wurst set the stage and the call lines on fire. This bearded drag queen not only showed up giving fabulous face but had the pipes to back it up. Most drag performers are considered talented if they can mime along in perfect synch with the track. But few, a la RuPaul, actually have the vocal talents to back it up. Christina Wurst proved head and shoulders above the rest. And when many called for her resignation, she held on like Fantasia and took the ultimate prize. Congratulations, Ms Wurst and keep giving life all across Europe and beyond!



Monica Lewinsky Ready to Burn the Beret and Dress



Well damn…! You kept that hat and dress all these years? The media, pundits, news folks and comedians are all salivating at the prospect of Monica Lewinsky being back in the news. As her essay in Vanity Fair hits newsstands and iPads all over the world, many are asking, “Why now?” Sixteen years later the most interesting Lewinsky story prior to this was a mention in Beyoncé’s Partition. Although I felt embarrassed for her, most of the youth listening to it would have to Google the reference to understand what it meant. According to reports, Monica is upset that few women support her; that whenever she tried to move on and start a new career she lost the job because of “her history”; and that she didn’t have the support system of a President. Full disclosure, I haven’t yet read the article (Vogue, W and Bazaar are priorities) but it all sounds a bit silly. At the end of the day, what man or woman is going to interview Monica Lewinsky and hire her? They would take one look at her and probably say to themselves, “this one ain’t got no problem sleeping her way to the top and making me lose my job…Pass!” And because she claims it was all consensual, the big bad Predator-in-Chief storyline loses its impact. Which makes me wonder if she thinks she is going to win over any new fans. Judging from the looks on the faces of the gals in the background of the picture above… NO! People typically don’t side with the mistress. And if she wants a job maybe Andy Cohen over at Bravo could resurrect The Real Housewives of DC. But until then and in my NeNe voice, “Girl, bye.”



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Phaedra Verbally Drags Kenya at The RHOA Reunion Finale

Read to Death

Read to Death

Now that’s what I call a read! Just a few hours after being physically dragged off her “throne” Kenya Moore was verbally assaulted in a way unlike anything seen before. It was so bad I think Kenya would have rather had another beat down from Porsha. Phaedra started with unknown baby daddy sperm donors who might be criminals; took it to ejaculations in cups for ten dollar pizzas so Kenya could have a baby; and ended with a “Now check that” before turning her back on the second black Miss USA. But this was only after her husband Apollo reminded the 1990s beauty queen that he alone supplied her only storyline. Oh, and that she should start sending him checks for keeping her relevant. We all expect a high level of shade from the ATL Housewives but the Tag Team duo of Parks-Nida raised the bar and quickly hit Kenya over the head with it. For the first time Kenya was real quiet… especially when Apollo spoke. And I’m sure she wanted to crawl under a rock when he told her to get a pedicure… “Your toenails are dirty!” To be honest, everyone was speechless. Except NeNe, who smiled like a Cheshire cat and said, “I love it.”

I loved it too, NeNe… I loved it too!


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Love Never Felt So Good… But Is Michael Jackson Moonwalking to his Latest Jam?



He’s back from the beyond and still sounds fabulous. Thanks to L.A. Reid, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson who has been dead for almost half a decade is headed back to the charts. And while Love Never Felt So Good is catchy (great with the sunroof open or power walking on an early summer evening) I just can’t get over the fact that artists want to perform with him a la Natalie and Nat King Cole. Don’t get me wrong I love me some MJ but the idea of watching a video of old tapes or images of him grooving with Justin just seems odd. Kind of like taking a picture with a dead body or with one of the wax figures at Madame Tussards. But with almost a million views the first 24 hours on YouTube something tells me this could be the first of many summer jams for 2014. It certainly will liven up the competition on those Billboard charts. I certainly hope so. Because the only thing worse than being a dead artist is being a dead artist who comes back from the dead to release a new album… only to have it die on the charts.