Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Is A Hit… Just ask Kenya and Cynthia!

Cynthia Bailey Gets Caught in a Ricochet Fade...

#PoorCynthia Bailey Gets Caught in a #RicochetFade…

Poor Cynthia was just one of the many hash tags providing fodder for the social media world after the part one airing of Bravo’s RHOA Reunion. And if you need confirmation that it was a hit, just ask #PoorCynthia or #TeamTwirl. After two seasons of instigating and aggravating, Kenya Moore finally got her comeuppance. I was disappointed in the former Miss USA from Detroit. I mean all that trash talking you just knew she’d be able to back it up. And let’s not forget the training scenes of her boxing. But alas, props and training be damned, Kenya #CaughtTheFade of all fades. Porsha may be slight but she is quick off the jump. And in a yank, pull, snatch she #Dragged Miss USA off her pedestal and into #Housewives history. I thought she would get in one good hit… or at the very least a twirl. But clearly no one on her team can fight ’cause they catching fades left and right. First, Brandon gets a beat down at the pajama party… Then #Velvet catches the #UltimateFade in the jaws of a neighbor’s dog… And now Kenya. Take note #MissLawrence, if you don’t run for the hills like #PoorCynthia ain’t no one on #TeamTwirl gonna have your back. As for Kenya… Well, she learned the hard way that when you finally do send for someone they will come for you…HARD!