Taylor Armstrong Stirs the Pot and Spills The (Spiked) Tea…!






Anyone who caught Taylor Armstrong on WWHL with Andy Cohen must have been thinking WTF? After another RHOBH episode that saw Brandi in the middle of some Maloof Hoof drama, it was fascinating to see Taylor call Adrienne out. Adrienne thought she was being slick when she rolled up with her posse of Kyle and Faye to Lisa’s tea party. As we waited for the inevitable to happen, Taylor went left and called out Adrienne for her lawsuit shenanigans. Maloof and her hooves danced around the conversation and claimed there was no lawsuit. A technicality since a cease and desist letter from an attorney is basically the precursor to legal actions. But Taylor wasn’t having any double standard after being barred by Adrienne from a party because of her own cease and desist last season.

Ever the perfect hostess, Lisa pulled Taylor and Brandi aside and basically told them to knock it off and keep calm, respectively. But back at the table, whether induced by alcohol or something more sinister, Taylor picked up right where she left off. She put it on ’em and even Faye was left speechless. Truthfully, I think Faye is only good when she’s got a majority supporting her. This group was obviously split due to crazy Kim missing the event because her dog hit her new nose.

Anyway, Adrienne kept denying, Brandi kept implying and Taylor kept stirring the pot. But Taylor’s best performance came across the chair from Andy Cohen. She was clearly inebriated, high or something. But in a rare moment of clarity called Adrienne a liar and exclaimed, …”I’m tired of the lies.” She then left the studio with the new love of her life (and still married) John Bluher… Only in Beverly Hills!














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