The Battle of the Donkey Booties!

As if we needed another reason to see that former Miss USA, Kenya Moore is as crazy as a box of crackers,¬†this fool attends¬†a cocktail party in a fish net/g-string dress with booty pads. Why, you ask? Let’s recap: Phaedra hires Kenya to produce Donkey Booty video; Kenya comes back with a $100,000 budget and a non-requested distribution deal and a request for (no pun intended) back-end; Phaedra kicks Kenya to the curb (where Porsha thinks she belongs); Kenya takes distribution deal and decides to produce Stallion Booty video; Phaedra calls her bipolar and crazy; Kenya confirms it!

But before Kenya makes her padded fish net debut, she spins her wheels trying to line up witnesses for a possible slander/defamation case. First, she has drinks with Miss Lawrence who can only recall gossip he might have heard about Phaedra’s dislike of gays in heels. But really, who could notice the heels with that blinding red/orange lipstick. Then, Kenya mistakenly confuses the fact that her beef with Porsha is Phaedra induced. Porsha had none of it and told Kenya and her ashy feet to get to steppin’!

At the back-end of the day, the proof is in the fishnet pictures. ANd I think anyone would take Phaedra’s booty over Kenya’s with those extra lumps and umps. Miss Gone With the Wind Fabulous needs to just Get Gone!


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