Love and Hip Hop ATL — DON’T LEAVE MOMMA DEE BABY FOR DEAD… And is K Michelle Still In The Bathroom?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is full of characters too crazy to make up. When you’re not constantly referring to an interpreter to understand Joseline, you got Lil’ Scrappy Dee’s Momma poppin’ off on everything from his Baby Mama, checking Stevie J and flashbacks from her pimpin’ days. This mother son duo are just GANGSTAS! Why are they calling out Ericka for leaving Scraps at the hospital to go make some money? Isn’t this the same woman Stevie Scrappy moved out on in order to try to get things started with Buckey…? Isn’t this the same woman Momma Dee has been hollering at from jump hoping the sheer turbulence from her mouth will be enough to blow this b!t@h down…?

At the risk of falling under the wrath of Momma Dee (note to self, buy mase) I have to side with Ericka on this one. A n all night partying induced asthma attack is really not her concern. She was kind enough to get him to the hospital and rolled out to work to support the child he doesn’t appear to be supporting. (Additional note to self, start sleeping with knife) But Momma Dee was so hot I thought she was gonna smack Ericka upside the head and put her to work on the block to teach her a lesson. Big Momma is too old to be getting messy with her son’s chick. She really needs to stay in her lane and go find a man of her own. (Final note to self, don’t EVER travel to Atlanta or Lil’ Scrappy concert)

On another note, why is K Michelle hollerin’ for them to let her out the bathroom when she ran in there like a punk after throwing that napkin…? No notes to self here. Even I could take K Michelle!


divaD 😉


Love And Hip Hop ATL’s Joseline Has A Few Words for The Haters…

…The problem is, no one can understand her. First things first, I’m all for keeping it real, one hundred, etc., and would never ask anyone to abandon their heritage or roots and ditch their accent. I mean hello, I’m like, totally from Orange County. But I’m tired of having to hit rewind to try to figure out what this one is saying. But actions speak louder than words and this week, Joseline was SCREAMING!

Now, I’m not a hater. And I’m not going to begin to get into the alleged abortion or the tawdriness that is Ms. Hernandez’s working relationship with Stevie JJ. I call him Stevie JJ because he should have been an extra on ‘Good Times’ with that sad, sad pimp act. After watching Joseline dance with her choreographer even the staunchest of haters has to admit that home-girl has talent. And I’m DYING to here that song in its entirety. But I wish she would let her talent speak for her instead of  getting involved in messy situations with Stevie JJ’s Baby Mama, Scrappy Dee’s Baby Mama and anyone else who she thinks may inadvertently send her back to the strip club. And while I love that her tough as nails attitude won’t allow her to sit back and take a drink to the face from her man, a la BBW Jennifer Williams, she should spend more time fighting her way to a speech therapist. Me, I’ll be watching future episodes with a friend who used to work with deaf students… For some reason, she can understand Joseline perfectly!