Jen Keeps It Movin’…!


It was the SLAP! heard ’round Miami. We finally get to see what lead up to the infamous smack Jennifer Williams was subjected to after seeing it play out on promo snippets this past year. Child, I used to think the ATL was Haterville but Miami is giving it a run for the money. And Evelyn and her assistant, Nia, should be on the City Council!

From this diva’s perspective, Ev and her sidekick are just jealous… bitter, jealous, loud-mouthed, wanna-be on Shaunie and Jen’s level haters! Jen did not get to be a multi-millionaire simply by marrying a baller. Girl has an education, a real estate broker’s license and runs her own philanthropic organization in addition to MULTIPLE businesses. She is not trying to wrestle in the mud with jump-offs and side-shows. Evelyn needs to stop worrying about what or why something was said in a blog over a year ago and focus on why she is marrying a man she met on-line, slept with on the first date and has all but served her with “open marriage” papers. She’s mad because Jen called it out from the gitty-up and was RIGHT!

As for the assistant Nia… Okay, so back in the day you let Jen use your apartment. You even gave her your keys. Now she really wants nothing to do with you. My guess is it has something to do with you working for someone who is constantly attacking her. Nia, honey, you chose sides and Jen has politely let you enjoy your new friendship with Ev. NOW, you want to call her out, smack her and make yourself look like a hooligan on tv because she doesn’t want to be your friend…? All because she still has the keys to your apartment…? Bitch, change the locks and move on with your life!