I’ll Have a Double…!

The bar in my home was looking a bit barren so it was off to Horchow.com for something substantial but not too expensive. I came across a familiar set of highballs and double old-fashioneds by Ralph Lauren… In German crystal, no less! My last encounter with these sparklers was poolside at the home of client in Paradise Valley, Arizona. After calculating the price for a dozen of each style I decided to slow my roll and order just four of each — I do still have my eye on that Bernhardt chair.  Three days later they arrived on the patio just in time for weekend cocktails with the neighbors. After tearing into them, cleaning and swiftly filling the “bare” area on the bar, I raced upstairs and ordered another set of each! Now if I can only decide between Scotch on the rocks or Gin & Tonics to break ’em in…!


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3… 2… 1… Start the Meltdown Countdown for Housewives Favorites!








3 = The number of seasons before we finally see the downward slide of New Jersey Housewife, Teresa Giudice. And judging from Part I of this season’s Reunion Teresa went down an oil slicked hill on roller blades. After spending all but the entire third season bashing her brother, cousin and sister in-law Tre saved the best for last; calling out her new “family” in her cookbook. The insults, jabs and digs revealed Teresa to be an insecure, spiteful and vindictive woman… and just a slight passive aggressive. But alas, it was all just a joke. I mean isn’t she funny like Lucille Ball?

2 = The number of seasons Kyle Richards begins her slip from popularity. Kyle seems to have let all those wins from ‘Watch What Happens Live’ go to head. Snarky, mean, rude, petty (criminal) are just a few adjectives that are being slung her way. She should see what’s going on with Teresa and do a 18o… BUT QUICK! I mean, DAMN! Your own sister accused you of stealing her house… And from the sound of things, it kinda looks like you did.

1 = The quick amount of time that Basketball Wives, L.A. star Jackie Christie has dipped in popularity. She is coming off as manipulative, gossipy, and just a flat out instigator… All in the course of 2 episodes! Let’s see if she can right her ship before the reunion. Otherwise, wives, jump-offs and hoes alike will be distancing themselves from this ball(er) and chain!


The Perfect Autumn Sweater

SNAP! Down in the County of Orange we went from warm, sunny days to rain, overcast mornings and chilly nights… IN ONE WEEK! So, what is one to do when the weather can’t figure out whether to have a bright or dreary day? Pick up some chic, all-weather fashion.

This is actually my favourite time of year to shop. It’s when designers put forth the transitional collections known simply as, Pre-Fall. The pieces are always the perfect combination of light and cozy. And my absolute must have is this classic Stella McCartney, Italian wool and cashmere knit. It just landed on my doorstep, courtesy of Neiman Marcus, and is just right for day to evening dressing and works fantastically with leggings, skinny jeans or the Stella wide leg trousers I have from two seasons ago. I even paired it with a button down for that preppy look.  And though I do love being bundled up in the winter let’s hope for a few days of short-short weather!


divaD 😉

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Housewives, Housewives, HOUSEWIVES…!


Bam! From Beverly Hills, to ATL, to New York and Jersey, The Real Housewives were all over the news this past week! Normally I can’t get enough of the ladies who lunch and punch but even I had a hard time keeping up this week!

The ladies from ATL are coming back and there appears to be no slow in ‘Meany’ Leakes’ roll. Look forward to altercations with a new wife, Sheree and Phaedra (Haterville) Parks. While I’m sure the arrival of Kim and Kroy’s baby will be something to look forward to, I can already tell I’ll be cat-napping during the model and Kandi’s scenes and on the edge of my seat for the return of Gangsta Nene.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Bravo said “peace out” to Jill, Cindy, Kelly and Alex. Obviously they seem to be moving towards a slightly more seedy direction, i.e., a panty-less Sonja Morgan. There really wasn’t enough drama out of this foursome and I’m sure Ramona had something to say about Barshop insinuating she had a drinking problem. And when it comes to ratings, Kelly’s breakdown was definitely more entertaining than her breakthrough. Oh well, on to the next!

Before the shoe dropped on Jacqueline Laurita she put her pumps on and seemingly hit the bricks herself… via Twitter, at least. Won’t miss her either… Her drama was self created and after a while the relationship with her daughter just started looking base. Maybe now the both of them can grow up. And Kudos to Tre for acting grown and paying her bills. At least the percentage of her share of the 11 million that wasn’t discharged in the bankruptcy. Something tells me she may not only bounce back but could bounce Juicy Joe if he doesn’t get his act together.

Finally, we got the sad version of events in Bev.Hills Housewife, Taylor Armstrong’s marriage. And it seems to be substantiated by one of the original reality jump-offs, Lisa Gastineau. If the stories are correct, they are truly sad. And though some may see Taylor as opportunistic for selling her abuse photos they may have a different perspective if looking through over-sized shades hiding a black eye. Walk a mile in her Manolos and see if you don’t come out with a few blisters. Best of luck, Taylor, to you and your beautiful daughter…!


divaD 😉