What Do A Black President, A Potential Black Republican Presidential Nominee and a Black 007 Have in Common…?

Idris Elba could play them all in a movie! Seriously, though, isn’t it about time we had a Black Bond? And not one that cheats (allegedly) at baseball. I mean we thought we accomplished something when one of us became President of the United States of America. But how about if a chocolate brother were to take over the 007 franchise? Instead of a shaken martini would he drink ripple from a flask? Perhaps rather than be tormented from the memories if his murdered wife he would have to deal with the torment of baby-mama drama. And forget the Aston Martin, our Bond would be seen in nothing less than a Cadillac Escalade. I’m sure Republican Presidential nominee hopeful, Cain, might think we’ve been brainwashed into thinking these stereotypes are representative of African-Americans or black men at large. Or, that the James Bond character should always be white. I’m sure at least 1/3 of blacks would pay to see a Black Bond, with or without baby-mama drama. But would 1/3 vote for Cain? Something tells me the cost of that would be way too high.


divaD 😉

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The ‘S’ is for Super… The ‘U’ is for Unique… The ‘P’ is for Perfection… We all know how the song goes. And if you’re like me, you’ve been using Phillips super sonic gizmos about as long as that JJ Fad song has been out. From the innovative Sonicare toothbrush to the Clarisonic Cleansing brush, my smile and visage have both been radiant and glowing for years. And I’m not the only one: Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad and, of course, Oprah, have all been users of these fab products. And now there’s a sonic gadget for those pesky bags and lines around my eyes. In just two weeks I’ve noticed a MAJOR difference in the smoothness and brightness of my eye area. A quick 30 seconds per area has left me looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite many four-hours of sleep nights. The results have been so fab that I’m also using around my smile lines and lip area. So not only will I be jamming to JJ Fad’s ‘Supersonic‘ but I’ll look just as good singing it as I did more than twenty years ago!


divaD 😉

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An End of Summer Bash with Actors, Singers and a Basketball Wife…!

It was a fabulous end to one of the most beautiful summers this Diva can remember! Ms. Robi Reed’s annual summer party was all the more beautiful this year at the Beverly Hills home of the Honorable, Judge Mathis. It was equal parts celebrity soiree, family fun and charity fundraiser benefitting the Black AIDS Institute. And like the equal parts vodka, champagne and orange juice cocktails I enjoyed, the combination made for a fantastic party!

There were the usual celebrity sightings… Garcelle Beauvais (with her gorgeous boys); Denzel Washington (with that gorgeous smile); Judge Mathis (the gorgeous home) and many more. Being an old school diva I was most excited to see Johnny Gil and Karyn White. Ms. White may not be your Superwoman but she still is a Super-Lookin’ Woman!

But the  one who caght my attention the moment I walked onto the veranda was none other than the Guru herself, Tanya Williams! After complimenting her look, this only star-struck for Diana Ross Diva went right in and asked about that text message during last week’s brawl. Was it a poem…? An alert to pull the car around…? Well, we found out this week she was googling the slang terms that were being slung across the table. Refined, elegant and dignified she had me turnin’ my nose up when Denzel got into an altercation with Judge Mathis and Karyn White threw a jump-off into the pool for calling her a has-been… Okay, none of that happened. But if it had, Tanya and I wouldn’t have spilled one drop of our champagne cocktails!


divaD 😉

I’m Ready to be a Basketball Wife…!

There are a new crop of ballers on thereality court. L.A. stepped onto the scene this week with VH1′s premiere of it’s West Coast version of the Basketball Wives. And from the moment the credits ran you knew this was going to be a show! The cast of characters is hot:

The Baby Mammas — Laura and Gloria Govan both of whom have been engaged on and off the last few years and Imani, ex-fiance and mother of three…

The Groupie/Jump-Off — Former topless dancer, Draya ,confesses to dating many a player in the NBA and isn’t ashamed of a damn thing…

The Wives — Jackie, Kimsha and Malaysia… These broads have put in their due and have EARNED the title Basketball Wife. They may not be giving you 28 years-old but any one of ‘em will put you in a cast for 28 days if you step out of line…

The Guru — Now… Something tells me this one won’t last. Tanya, the bougois Maya Angelou of the group… Will there be a future in her frontin’?

This first episode was a hum dinger, y’all… After 40 minutes of ‘getting to know you’, the ladies got it on and crackin’ at lunch.They started in on Malaysia but this Compton born and raised WIFEY shut the haters down quick. Then the conversation turned to Tanya Angelou. The general consensus is…FAKE/CONDESCENDING. As Tanya stumbled to try to explain herself, Big Govan tried to take it back to Malaysia… Mistake! Seeing this as a good opportunity to get out of the line of fire, the Guru busied herself with her cell phone; probably texting a poem or a reminder to pray on something.

Back to Big Govan and Malaysia. Big Govan intimated that Malaysia, AKA Lakeisha, was a rat and called her out on her tooth. Malaysia reminded Big Govan to check her weight. It was on from there! While The Guru sat texting with the occaisonal side-eye to make sure it was no longer about her, Big Govan and Malaysia got physical. Biggie laid her hands on Malaysia, not once, but twice. After shaking her head while taking off her heels, Malaysia pushed her way through Jackie, Kimsha (Guru’s still on that phone) and landed a quick right on Biggies jaw… Home girl may need to fix her own damn teeth after that!


divaD ;-)

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