And The ‘Baller’ Behind the Bar Says…

Has the bartender replaced the manicurist for fashion/beauty advice? Current cohort/sidekick/pal-around-town, Hazel, has finally seen the benefits of restaurant and bar loyalty. From the, “Nice to see you again,” greeting at valet, the hugs from the hostess and managers to the pouring of peach martinis just as we sit, familiarity has its rewards. But who knew our adorable and flirty regular bartender could offer a couple of divas advice on skincare? Apparently, the best skincare around for men is Nivea and it can be had at fantastic prices! After a quick wrinkle and smoothness assessment I leaned in to learn more. I didn’t recall seeing this at Neiman’s but much to my surprise, I was informed to look at the local drug store. Now before you roll eyes, this diva is not above taking a trip to CVS for some Lumene Excellent Future. I’ve been using it (under Creme de La Mer, of course) for over a year. But from now on I’m going to look up and around while shopping. Perhaps I can find my own personal ‘baller’ to give me some one-one-one tips!


divaD 😉

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