Damage Control

The surprise of a Kiehl’s gift card couldn’t have come at a better time! Sunning poolside in Arizona this time of year isn’t a good idea. But before y’all start in on the dehydration and heat stroke concerns, know that I had a glass of iced tea for every one of those five Vodka/Cranberries!

Unfortunately, my face didn’t tan as well as the body. Though thankful to not have gotten burned I kept getting this sinking feeling that damage was lurking beneath, ready to surface at any given moment. So, off I went to Kiehl’s, South Coast Plaza to give their latest serum a try. Not only has it improved existing discoloration but it provides a little extra moisture and combats the visible signs of oxidative stress, i.e., free radicals and crazy roommates. Plus, it’s 100% of natural origin… The product, not the plastic bottle. Hey, that’s green enough for this Diva!

Here’s to a golden summer and stress-free skin!


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Work the Room

Perhaps it’s narcissism; or maybe the desire for a romantic mood has gotten to me. But lately I’ve come to enjoy the beauty, serenity and peace a candlelit room can inspire. First of all, we all know that beauty is enhanced, and flaws diminished, in the warm glow of a room filled with candles. But a divaDesires more! When this Diva works a room I expect no less than one compliment, a couple of Cheshire cat grins and several raised eyebrows. So why expect any less of my candles? For a candle to work my room it must be visually stunning, make one fantasize of things to come and smell divine enough to make even the most burly of men stop and take in a deep breath. But unlike this YSL draped, Shalimar drenched, Paciotti heeled fashionista these Maison candles from Bed, Bath and Beyond will work your room without breaking the bank. Tip — Get them on sale and put the savings toward you next room-working outfit!


divaD 😉

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