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Tammy Fender Repair Balm

Summer’s over and it’s time to repair damage your face experienced as a result of excessive sun exposure, tanning beds or just plain SPF laziness! While I’m one for the ‘faux glow’, no matter how hard I try, I get a little burned over the summer. And I’m not talkin’ about being stood up!

It’s hard not to fall in love with Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm. This anti-inflammatory healing creme repairs tissue damage and aids in the healing of surgical or acne scars. With some of the purest and most natural ingredients around, the Intensive Repair Balm is great for healing youthful indifference to the sun or spurring the recuperative process after Thermage, peels, face-lift, etc. Simply perfect for cougars and kitty-cats alike!

divaD 😉

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