Be of Tone Body, Mind and Spirit


With all the dreary news of the financial markets, the job losses, the auto industry crisis and the issuance of I.O.U’s in California (DANG!), it was tough finding something to cheer about during this first month of 2009. I was looking forward to a vacation abroad but financial reality set in mid-month. Spending $2000 on a six-day trip to London and subsequently regretting it for the next six months didn’t seem a very sound decision. While thinking about what might, should or could be done on holiday, I ran into Mrs. Poo-Poo. As she prepared for Chinese New Year celebrations, she reminded that this year of the Ox requires much hard work. In the end, great rewards will be had she promised. I pondered what could be done to tone Body (always a priority in the O.C.), Mind and Spirit in preparation for the hard work ahead. So, I decided to reinstitute my 10% rule. This is particularly useful in tough economic times. Simply put, one could be just as happy spending 10% on substituted activities, products, etc.

Rather than drop a couple grand on an English holiday that would last less than a week, I decided to tone up on English riding skills. By adding three additional lessons during vacation I was able to ‘save’ over $1800 and tone up the body simultaneously. Like the old saying goes, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. And spirits were definitely higher when I was finally able to keep a decent two-point position around the entire arena without the legs giving out. Afterward, instead of the usual trip to AGO for prosciutto pizza and glass of sauvignon blanc, I opted for tea at Teuscher with three favorite companions: Vogue, W, and Portfolio. Cutting back on the prosciutto will be good for the body, the magazines good for the mind and the ladies and gentleman of Teuscher always raise the spirits.

Speaking of a tone body, a firm believer in putting one’s best face forward, it’s time to share some of my favourite toning products for women and men. You already know that the first step to fantastic skin is making sure to cleanse both morning and evening. The next step is employing a toner, you guessed it, morning and evening. Quite a few friends have asked over the years if this step is really necessary. No matter how clean you think your face is you’ll almost always find the cotton pad dirty after sweeping your skin with a toner. Here are some favorites I’ve used over the years.

origins-purifying-tonic2 st-go-balancing-lotion2

perricone-firming-facial-toner1 shiseido-facial-cotton1

But with fit bodies, minds and spirited outlooks we’ll be well equipped to handle any challenges that lie ahead. And with a glowing complexion we’ll look fabulous in the process!

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