Mirror, Mirror On The Wall; Beauty Tips for One and All!


It was the eve of New Year’s Eve when O.C. Babs, Google Mags, Black China and Lady London got together at one of Newport Beach’s favourite night spots, Palm Terrace Lounge at The Island Hotel. It was an opportunity for old and new friends to mingle and celebrate the fact that we survived the 2-0-0-8! But the minute Mags bounced in glowing in coral cashmere, the conversation immediately turned to, “What have you done to yourself to look so fresh?”

Babs and I were stunned. Always the beauty, it seemed so unfair that Mags could look 5 years younger after only a week in Hawaii. But she swore up and down that she owed her new look to two things: a sunny wardrobe and a trip to Sephora. Not to imply that any of our group is ‘of a certain age’ but it seems that once one hits 30 the best makeup advice is Glow, Glow, Glow and Less is Mo’! Mags says try these creamy, dreamy treats from NARS.

NARS Creme Blush (Freshen Up with Cactus Flower)

NARS Creme Blush (Freshen Up with Cactus Flower)

NARS Luminizer (Treat Yourself to a Multiple Orgasm)

NARS Luminizer (Treat Yourself to a Multiple Orgasm)

ANd as Lady London and Black China (two dark and lovely self-professed MAC addicts) learned, beautiful and healthy skin is a must when putting your best made-up face forward!I’ve always believed there are 6 basic steps to any skincare regime: 1) Cleanse, 2) Tone, 3) Moisturize, 4) Protect and 5) Renew. What’s the sixth step; CONSISTENCY! To get you started, here are three cleansing options for any and all budgets. Just make sure to be consistent and cleanse morning AND evening!

neutrogena-cleansing-bar origins-mega-mushroom-face-cleanser tammy-fender-purifying-cleansing-gel

Here’s to making a ‘clean’ start in 2-0-0-9!

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divaD’s Dilemma — Fantastic Ferre or Fashionable Furnishings…?



I hope you’re having a happier New Year than I. Why is it that the most amazingly, fantastic and dramatic family issues seem to crest between the eve of Black Friday and Christmas Day? Is this God’s, Allah’s or Buddha’s end of the year test to find out just how thankful we really are? Whether it’s an uncle breaking down during grace at Thanksgiving dinner and admitting to an elicit affiar with his secretary; or finding out a sibling has made off with Grandma’s life savings as a Christmas gift to herself, family drama can toss a wet blanket on even the most fiery of Holiday Spirits. Not immune to these sort of shenanigans, I stayed in New Year’s Eve, lit a candle in the dining room of my new townhouse and kissed the chandelier at midnight. Family drama can be a real B to the itch, but there’s no better feeling than saying, “2008 can miss me, I’m ready for a New Year!”

Looking around the new place, I couldn’t help but feel excited about decorating:

  • Villeroy & Boch service for eight; check!
  • Hand-knotted, sheared wool rug; check!
  • Antique Italian armchairs, check!

The more I explored the seemingly endless design options, the more exciting it became. But then it hit me. While listening to voice messages from New Year well-wishers, an all too familiar voice sang across the line, “David, we started our sale. You really should come in and take a look at that jacket.” While checking the calendar to coordinate a trip into Beverly Hills, I remembered that even with the 50% discount, that fantastic, could not live without Ferre jacket was the same price as the antique Italian table I’ve been swooning over. All of a sudden, navigating through the choppy seas of familial in-fighting seemed like a cruise in the harbor compared to the decision that must now be made.

Being a fashion diva for a number of years, I’ve amassed quite the collection: A magnificent McQueen navy houndstooth suit; dapper Dolce & Gabbana sweater sets; and a gorgeous Gaultier tuxedo jacket. Not in need of any new clothing, I’d gleefully purchased swarovski-studded Versace Jeans (justified by the 75% off ticket) only days before. But now the diva was struck with a dilemma; Alta Moda or Casa Bella?

Finally, it dawned on me that it would be so tacky to invite friends over for tea or cocktails and receive them in a four-figure priced ensemble while asking them to drink standing up or dine on the floor. I could already hear the whispers as they leave through the patio, “Too bad he couldn’t decorate his home as well as his body.” OUCH! So, there I was in the middle of an empty abode in the wee hours of the new year when I resolved to forego fashion for nine months to maximise that interior design budget. Plus, if I saved at least 10% on everything, September might bring a high-fashion birthday treat.

All in all, a beautiful home is worth the sacrifice, no? Hey, I’ll even invite that swindling sibling to enjoy a glass of Reisling. But don’t think I won’t pat her down before she exits the patio!


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