Apply That High-Low Sense Everywhere You Can!

It’s been some time since the last post. But that’s not to say divaD hasn’t been a busy, social bee. The ‘Noosh and I spent a fantastic evening at RegBevWil for Thanksgiving dinner. And the only thing better than a four-course Holiday meal is a four-course Holiday meal with wine (champagne for ‘Noosh) with every course! Now there’s something to be thankful for!

To kick off the Holiday Season I attended a scrumptious Holiday party at a new favorite Gallery, Sundaram Tagore. I fell in love with this place while scouting possible venues for an artist our firm represents. In addition to being a go-to person when decorating that new loft downtown or chic Malibu compound, Diana Suttle, art consultant for the gallery, throws a mean cocktail reception. So, I invited up-and-coming Hollywood film producer, Lady S.M. to help ring in some Holiday cheer!

No longer in my early to mid-twenties, getting dressed for such occasions has become a bit more difficult. Especially with this whole High-Low fashion thing. Being a lover of all things Italian (Fendi, Bottega, Versace; Oh my!) I’ve never quite gotten the hang of the ‘Low’ part of this mix. As a colleague put it, with eyes rolling, “divaD doesn’t do High-Low; he’s High-High!” But as luck would have it, I was running late and figured wide-leg 7 jeans and a classic white shirt could be dressed up with black patent Prada loafers, black patent Versace belt and a Jean Paul Gaultier tuxedo jacket with Tahitian mother of pearl buttons adorning the lapel. After receiving a bevy of personal style compliments, I admitted to throwing the look together at the last minute. It was to great relief that the end result was, as a passerby on the street noted, “mastery of High-Low chic!”

But I was also trying to prove a point made in the last blog. With the economy where it is and people feeling less than optimistic about their financial state, it might have been in poor taste to show up in a head-to-toe designer ensemble. The wide leg on the jeans discretely covered the label on the shoes; the gold greca buckle on the belt looked more like art than a logo; and though the details on the jacket were exquisite, the only place one would find the designer’s name was on the tag inside. But I wasn’t the only one putting on the High-Low Ritz that evening. I marvelled at the fantastically simple spread. The great cheese plate, crisp crackers, fresh vegetables and complementary wine was a refreshing change to the over-the-top hors d’oeuvres that have become obligatory at such affairs. But the real surprise was learning that Diana catered it herself! Hmmm, did she read the last post?

It soon dawned on me that fashion does not have an exclusivity on High-Low prowess. The approach can be applied to our daily lives and makes for a more unique and stylish experience. When admiring a beautiful or stylish decor in friends’ homes, it’s often the result of a High-Low approach; antique table adorned with Pottery Barn bric-a-brac, for example. And though I loved the four-course Thanksgiving dinner, $500 meals for two will be out of the question for all but a few occasions in 2009. So next time, instead of doing it High-High at one pricey place, we may opt for cocktails and appetizers at Windows Lounge; High experience, Low(er) price.

I’ve even begun applying the technique to my skincare regime. Though I love the entire line of La Mer, must it cost $500 every three months to look good? Well, I ain’t giving up that Creme. But, I’ve found I can save close to $200 by substituting Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Face Serum for the pricey alternative. This High-Low mix adds up to beautiful skin with money left over for drinks. Or, better yet, invest that savings in a tax-deferred IRA or 401k. But don’t forget to balance that portfolio with, you guessed it, the proper High-Low risk mix for your age or retirement goals.

Applying the High-Low mantra to all facets of our lives can make for a much more enjoyable lifestyle. We can save money without feeling as though we’ve sacrificed style, quality or substance. And when your low to mid-twenties are decades behind, you’ll be better off financially, spiritually and fashionably. Now that’s what I call HIGH-HIGH!

divaD 😉

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